You Must Own at Least 5 Ferraris to Join New VIP Car Collector Club

Ferrari has announced plans to create an exclusive car collector club, a VIP group of epic proportions packing a serious affinity for the brand! I assume our favorite car fiend Jay Leno will be invited to join this illustrious auto crowd first, and that a denim shirt will be the signature uniform to be worn by all members following a private vote. That is not likely, however, because Leno does not own a single Ferrari (see video at bottom of post to hear the reason why in Leno’s own words!).

Jay Leno

Leno’s Lambos

Ferrari is gearing up to create this new group of elite auto aficionados so that they can provide them with certain perks. Members will receive the heads up on news, limited-edition models and opportunities to get hands-on with the supercars. Here is the clincher–if you only own one measly Ferrari, no matter how awesome it may be, you do not qualify for membership. Don’t let them get you down, you can rent a Ferrari, even 5 Ferraris, anytime you please from your friends at Imagine Lifestyles.

You must own at least 5 in order to join the exclusive Ferrari VIP club. They say membership has its privileges, but you must have extreme loyalty to reap any such thing in this scenario!


Unless your driveway looks a lot like this, you can RIP your VIP club dreams

Ferrari car club

There must be a member in this crowd! I know what you are thinking, and yes, the club criteria is daunting, but it actually applies to 300 people worldwide.


Watch video to hear Jay Leno dish on Ferrari, rust and more!



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