1936 Rolls Royce From ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ to Hit Auction Block

1936 Rolls Royce Phantom III

Rolls-Royce fans and movie buffs combine for this upcoming luxury car auction item:  the 1936 Rolls-Royce Phantom III featured in the 2006 fantasy hit ‘Pan’s Labyrinth”.  Too bad it is so antique, it could have made a nice edition to our fleet of Rolls-Royce rentals Miami

Rolls Royce Phantom Pans Labyrinth

For those of you who did not see the film, it is a gorgeous rendition of the luxury car marquee’s ability to satisfy and stun.  I have the feeling the list of takers for this particular Rolls is potentially substantial.


Pan's Labyrinth Rolls Royce

The deep green Rolls-Royce Phantom is believed to be among the first sold in the United States, according to Bonham’s.  It also happens to be one of just 24 Phantom III’s ever to be sold in the states.  Currently owned by a prominent connoisseur of luxury cars with a pre-war history, this Rolls-Royce Phantom will hit the auction block around December the 6th, so bring your wallet.

This 1936 Phantom III will be auctioned from the esteemed Bonham’s ‘Important Motor Cars and Fine Automobilia’ sale, at Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands in Surrey, England.

This is a special Rolls because it starred in ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’, along with a Bentley, the acclaimed film directed by Guillermo del Toro.  It has been pampered in the hands of the collector in Southern Europe since its debut in the film.

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