Delta Airlines Provides Porsche Chauffeur Service to Valued Customers—Imagine Lifestyles Values Every Customer!

Delta Airlines is showing their appreciation to select “valued customers” with a luxury perk—a chauffeured Porsche! While that approach may impress the lucky few who receive it, Imagine Lifestyles values all customers with available chauffeur services for any of our exotic car rentals in Miami, Chicago, New York and LA—playing no favorites!

Delta Porsche Perk

Delta customer with chauffeured Porsche

I am not dogging Delta by any means– with TSA and security checkpoints soiling the joy of commercial travel forever, they had to do something to bring something special back to the table. By the way, Imagine Lifestyles is also here to help you completely avoid evils like invasive screening and TSA with our private air charters. I am such a one-upper today…sorry, Delta!

In order to pull off the new promotion, Delta joined forces with Porsche Cars North America to treat its “High Value Customers” to the Porsche experience. How do they determine which customers are high value and which are less worthy? I guess you should ask those emerging from the tarmac and sliding into a Porsche Panamera or Cayenne how they scored elite status with the air carrier! I am assuming it is the frequent flyer status…yet I hear horrid tales of those trying to cash in “frequent flyer miles”.

Porsche Cayenne rental Miami

Porsche Cayenne rental in Miami from Imagine Lifestyles

Porsche Panamera rental in Miami

Porsche Panamera rental in Miami

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