WTF: Just A Supercar Traffic Jam!

Traffic jams…hated by all…unless, of course, you find yourself confronted head-on by a gathering of supercars jammed together!  This scenario is not so bad. The video below shows around 150 exotic cars caught leaving Gurston House in England following…you guessed it…a supercar convoy! Video at bottom of post

Luxury car traffic jam

There are so many brands represented, that it is similar to browsing through one of our
luxury car rental locations!

With 150 plus supercars were trying to leave, I would just be trying to stay as long as possible and obtain the most car-porn footage possible. But that is just me. Can you imagine the accoustics as the vehicles purred about? Pure bliss.

Bugatti Veyron

The sheer versatility of luxury cars present is just awesome, including:
•    McLaren MP4-12C
•    Bugatti Veyron’s (yes, plural!)
•    Lamborghini Aventador
•    Audi R8
•    Porsche
•    Ferrari F430
•    Rolls Royce
•    Bentley
•     Some Koenigseggs
•    RUF CTR 3
•    Ferrari Enzo
•    Ferrari 288 GTO
•    And more…many, many more…

Now I know exactly what you want, the goods. So click the play button as though you were slamming down the accelerator and enjoy!

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