Do You Have the Ice Picks to Climb Up a Frozen Waterfall? A New Extreme Sport

It takes quite a bit in order for a sport to be labeled “extreme” these days.  With excursions available such as diving with great white sharks, jumping from any protruding surface on earth and watching the Kardashians on TV, it has to be something really unique to generate attention and attract the daredevils!  Introducing the climbing of frozen waterfalls. 

Utah Mountain Adventures

Yes, climbing frozen shards of a previously flowing waterfall…that sounds stimulating.  If you want to die.  Now, thanks to people who obviously are completely void of that emotion we label ‘fear’, the Chuck Norris types of the world can experience ‘Utah Mountain Adventures’, a privately guided climbing expedition up an ice-covered peak.  For the less extreme sports lovers out there, I recommend a luxury sports car rental, you can even go all out and secure some track time in a Ferrari F430 rental Miami, where it is far above freezing.  You know, if you lack the balls to challenge nature in its most brutal state.


Extreme Ice Sports

If a lazy weekend for you includes scaling a K2, or skydiving without a parachute, then ascending a natural frozen waterfall far into the air may be your next cheap thrill.  Forget the sunblock and bikini this year, and completely reestablish your role as a fearless badass by trying this out, as for me, I will pass!

Winter Mountain Climbing

Each winter the Wasatch Mountains freeze over and bored people ascend into them in search of yetis and sport.  This adventure begins with a short hike before latching onto a sheet of ice and climbing several hundred feet into the air.  I am curious as to what the trip back down must be like, is it a giant slip and slide, or lengthy aerial heart attack?

Utah Extreme Waterfall Climbing


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