Famous Celebrities and The Luxury & Exotic Cars They Drive

Paris Hilton Pink Bentley GT Coupe

Looking at this eyesore-extravaganza makes me wish Bentley, or whoever is responsible for this monstrosity of a custom paint job, had the heart to tell Paris Hilton NO.  Has anyone ever done that, by the way?  I can only assume that she did not get to color enough Easter eggs as a child.  This would never survive as a luxury rental car, so I shudder to think of what will happen to this Bentley once Paris tires of it.  Speaking of tires, scope the rims she has on it, ouch.

Pam Anderson Jag

Up next we have the luscious Pamela Anderson!  Oh, and the Jaguar is not too shabby, either.  Anderson is always on top of her game, and I like the classic white Jag, it will go with anything, unlike Hilton’s pitiful pink Bentley.

Nicole Scherzinger Bentely GTC

It seems that the sexy 31-year-old Nicole Scherzinger, lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, has exquisite taste in both luxury cars and men!  She dated F1 star Lewis Hamilton for over a year, and is pictured here with a shiny Bentley GTC.  A Bentley rental is always a hot choice.

Nickolas Cage Ferrari Enzo

Ah Nicolas Cage, you never seem to disappoint me!  This classic red Ferrari Enzo suits the celebrity perfectly.

Kim Kardashian Bentley GTC

It seems that the Bentley marquee is feverishly popular among young female celebrities.  Here is Kim Kardashian pictured with a hot black Bentley GTC.  Does anyone know how or why the Kardashians became ‘celebrities’?

Jim Carrey Mercedes Benz

Jim Carrey, always the quirky and unusual character both onscreen and off-screen, is pictured here sporting a Mercedes Benz.  This seems to be a classic exotic or luxury rental car, not one unique enough that I would picture a character like him choosing, but gorgeous ride nonetheless!

Hayden Panettiere Lamborghini Gallardo

The young hot and haute Hayden Panettiere’s Lamborghini Gallardo pick in a sublime yellow is perfect for her!

David Beckham Rolls Royce Drop Head

Sports superstar David Beckham rolls around in a Rolls Royce Drophead…a move I imagine was orchestrated by his image-obsessed wife, Posh Spice…I mean, Victoria Beckham.

Bow Wow Rolls Royce Phantom

Bow Wow is not ‘Lil’ anymore, and neither is his taste in exotic cars!  He is pictured here with the hot new Rolls Royce Phantom, sporting the look of auto-arousal.

Ben Affleck Mercedes Benz S63 that looks like the S550

Ever the family man, Ben Affleck still knows how to select a luxury car that is also a family car, the gorgeous Mercedes Benz S550.  Way to go Ben, we would hate to see you in a mini-van!

Amy Winehouse Mercedes Benz C350

Finally, Amy Winehouse and a Mercedes-Benz C350.  This one covered with autographs, so I assume this is a photo opp, because it is questionable whether she can handle being behind the wheel.

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