Bold Ferrari Theft Leaves Police Stunned

Police in the UK were appealing to the public for assistance in a baffling yet brazen Ferrari theft. Thieves managed to steal a limited edition Ferrari 458 Italia from a Maranello showroom in Egham. The heist was described as “movie-style” and it was captured on CCTV! So far, a 36-year old man has been arrested and details are still emerging.

Ferrari theft

£230,000 Ferrari theft caught on CCTV left more questions than answers for local authorities.

The cameras captured two men driving up to the dealership, where they proceeded to spend a leisurely 20 minutes slicing through security bars. Once through the bars, the guys loaded the Ferrari onto a trailer and covered it with a sheet before driving off. A week after the well-organized theft, authorities were left reaching out to the public for information.

Ferrari theft

Photo of actual car unavailable thus far. Check out the unfortunate photo above, however!

The 458 Italia is the only car of its kind in the UK. It features a black exterior with an Italian flag racing strip running the length of the vehicle. There are also Italian flags sewn into the seats.

Authorities issued several statements, including:

“The stolen Ferrari is a distinctive car so I am keen to hear from anyone who may have seen it, perhaps on the back of another vehicle, either in the local area or elsewhere.” Ferrari theft

The Ferrari 458 is a very special specimen. It boasts technology from the team’s Formula One racing cars and an extreme overall design. Once stolen, it could be a challenge to unload based on rarity alone! What do you think will happen with this case? Comment below!

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