Invisible Garage Incites Jealousy!

Now you can be the envy of your neighborhood in your own version of the timeless “Smith Vs. Jones” war—with a transparent garage! Note that this will only work properly if an exotic car is parked inside, like a Ferrari 458, Audi R8, Bugatti Veyron or the like.

Or you could be quite creative and rent a luxury car weekly, boggling the minds of your neighbors with the constant updating in your garage. Designed by Ecospace, the ‘AutoSpace’ garage is made to show off, and perhaps Jay Leno should invest in a few dozen of the trendy spaces—think of it as a curio cabinet for your car.

EcoSpace Luxury Garage

EcoSpace Luxury Garage

Autospace provides safe storage while also the means to display your pride and joy, or joys, as it can be designed to house multiple vehicles. This luxury garage can also be designed to include a workshop (Looking at you, Leno), garden studio, modular storage and office space (not to be confused with the film).

Because it was the brainchild of Ecospace, AutoSpace utilizes sustainable wood and cedar cladding from certified renewable resources and is energy efficient. In fact, once a sturdy AutoSpace is created for a customer, zero maintenance is required, unlike with the exotic cars inside.

Ecospace designs

Ecospace designs garden studio

According to Amira Idris-Town, a partner at Ecospace,
“Certain cars become an iconic benchmark in automotive design, and we wanted to create a more appropriate solution where your car can be kept, enjoyed and admired. Whatever you drive, from a rare classic to the latest supercar, you need somewhere to keep your pride and joy safely and have convenient access it.”

Pricing for the AutoSpace start at $28,000 and orders can be placed on the Ecospace website. Don’t miss our entire inventory of exotic rental cars and more on your way out, conveniently housed online in our photo gallery!


Ecospace housing design


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