Just a Ferrari Red Rolls-Royce Piano

For those of you who just love unique luxury items, check out this Rolls Royce piano with a bright Ferrari red finish! I do not know if it inspires me to slip into a red Ferrari rental or a classy Rolls Royce rental! It seems Lamborghini is not the only brand trying to steal Ferrari’s thunder!

The Rolls Royce of pianos

This beauty was unveiled at Deji Square in Nanjing, China. While the color is befitting an exotic Ferrari, it somehow received the label ‘Rolls Royce piano’…perhaps a play on it being the Rolls Royce of pianos? Thoughts? Comments? Problems?

This story reminds me of the grand piano in Biscayne Bay that made headlines by mysteriously appearing on a sandbar

This is no ordinary piano, and as such, it comes with a price tag to reflect its rarity–$302,980-ish USD. Just look at that red finish, it is like the perfect manicure! I feel that any female who touches these high-end keys should opt for a complimentary red manicure, and have a photographer on hand to capture the art in it all!

Rolls Royce Piano in Ferrari Red

Most pianos are designed to be ornate, but not to steal the show from the player. The Rolls Royce piano steals the show, and perhaps runs the risk of muting the musical stylings of anyone on its lavish bench! I think it would be fabulous at a Ferrari unveiling.

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