Behold the $15,000 Lamborghini Volvo Experiment

Every red-blooded man has the dream of  owning an exotic sports car. Sadly, not all have the bankroll to buy the brands they really want, though some can be quite creative rather than defeated! Case in point: This Lamborghini Volvo was created for roughly $15,000. Does it look like a real Sesto Elemento? Hell no. Does it please its master? Probably.

Lamborghini Volvo

They say that where there is a will, there is a way. Still, there is no way this Volvo could be mistaken for a true Lamborghini. Kudos for the attempt and entertainment, however! 

Meet the Lamborghini Volvo. A creation crafted in the depths of an average garage to quell the owner’s passion for the Lamborghini while staying safely within his budget. The crew responsible for making the…I hesitate to say replica, as it is clearly not…hail from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and were aiming for a copy of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento supercar. So that I do not sound like a total jerk, note that I do love reading about this kind of stuff and have to tip my hat to people willing to try their hand at these types of projects. And let me also say that this is ugly.


Volvo 740

They began with a Volvo 740 base, pictured above.  The crew then painstakingly shaped metal and carbon steel along with acrylic glass to transform it into a wannabee Lamborghini. The look was finished off with a set of BMW X5 wheels.

Lamborghini Volvo

The entire transformation process for the Volvo-gini took about three months. And the end result is purely aesthetic, as it lacks an engine. So if you see it on Ebay, buyer beware!

Lamborghini Volvo

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