LeBron James Heats Things Up By Choosing Miami

Really?  The NBA’s top player turns his decision about where to play next year into TV reality affair?  Yes, it came down to that.  But it seems the world has become accustomed to that route.

But however cheesy, and however manipulative it was, however it was milked to keep the NBA top-of-mind in the off-season… is official, LeBron James is headed for Miami!

He will complete a troika of superstars that will now patrol the hardwood in South Florida and turn the Heat into instant favorites to win the league title.

The 25-year old James joins Miami veteran, and NBA superstar, Dewayne Wade, and recently-lured all-star, Chris Bosh, who left Toronto after 7 years and also opted for Miami.

But, both Wade and Bosh insisted that they did not know what James was planning on doing, and said they decided between themselves to play for the Heat in hopes that their pooled talents would make for a contending team there.

They make a nice couple.  Wade is a wonderful shooter and slash-to-the-basket scorer who has averaged 25 points a game in seven seasons in South Florida.  Bosh is now all grown up after entering the NBA as a skinny 19-year old, he has evolved into one of the top ten players in the league. James Bosh and Wade

He is a 6’10” forward who can slip outside and score, or bang inside with the big boys, and he arrives in Miami after becoming Toronto’s all-time leading scorer.  In fact, he has carried that team offensively for the last few seasons. 

And now, LeBron James is added to that roster?  The 2-time league MVP?  The guy came to the NBA right out of high school and immediately served notice that he was a man-child who was more than ready. He played on mediocre teams in Cleveland, and even when that team tried to put good players around him, reaching the NBA Finals in 2007, they could never get to the top of the mountain and lost quickly that year to San Antonio.  They have also failed to get out of the Eastern Conference playoffs since.

Now, that could all change for LeBron James.  He and Wade and Bosh together? C’mon!  It seems unfair! 
He spoke to six teams about joining them next season, including the New York Knicks, and the Chicago Bulls, (where even President Obama said he would like to see James sign).

In leaving Cleveland, he leaves money on the table, and the Akron, Ohio native turns his back on his hometown area, something he said he regrets, but the lure of the chance at winning an NBA Championship ring is huge.  So it’s Miami.

James, Bosh and Wade.  The Three amigos in South Beach.  Three NBA superstars who pooled their talents two summers ago to help the USA win the gold medal in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, and who clearly could produce similar success for the Heat. 

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