Fisker Raises $100 Million Dollars for Luxury Plug-in Vehicles

Fisker has been occupied rounding up investors for its luxury plug-in vehicles, to the tune of $100 million dollars! The enormous sum stemmed from private investors interested in pushing the new technology into the mainstream. The fat funding will also assist in ironing out the issues with the Fisker Karma as they prep the next version.

Luxury plug-in vehicles

Nothing says confidence like a cool $100 million investment

While $100 million sounds like a lot of cash, it is just the latest addition to a $1.2 billion dollar stockpile raised thus far in the game. For its endeavors, investors will be receiving a full outline of the next rechargeable Fisker car as early as December.

Luxury plug-in vehicles

Long and lean, the appearance of the Karma does not communicate green machine.

More monies came from a $529 million dollar loan from the U.S. Energy Department in 2009. While some deals and loans to Fisker have stalled out, it certainly seems they are on the right track for a successful product. The money issue appears to be no problem for Fisker–it is consumer hesitance to adopt the new technology. Buyers will be shy about purchasing luxury hybrid cars with price tags around $100,000 USD until there are recharging stations at every corner…that is my common sense take of the situation. No matter how awesome the appearance, no one wishes to be stranded in their trendy machine!

Luxury plug-in vehicles

Celebrities like Leo and Bieber rock the Karma, a steal at $100,000+!

Roughly 1,500 Karmas have been delivered to customers in the U.S. and Europe since December, according to Fisker. That number could continue to grow with each new charging station erected.

Luxury plug-in vehicles

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