Paris Auto Show Ferrari FF Features Panoramic Roof

Ferrari has been busy publicizing its jaw-dropping FF hatchback, including feats like invading Maranello. This year, the Paris Auto Show Ferrari FF with a panoramic roof took center stage and has clearly created a stir.  Initial reactions to a Ferrari hatchback were predominantly shock, though once absorbed, the FF has actually gained a bit of traction in world markets.

Paris Auto Show Ferrari FF

This year’s FF is decidedly sleeker and less hatchy

The panoramic roof on the 2013 Ferrari FF runs the length of the vehicle and is comprised of a special reflective glass (LowE). The glass provides a genuine open-air convertible feel without the unwanted elements. Aside from blocking wind and rain, the glass roof allows more light to enter the car, showing off its awesome cockpit!

Paris Auto Show Ferrari FF

The design transforms the coupe into an invisible convertible, light and airy.

Ferrari claims that the ride is ultra silent thanks to thermal and acoustic insulation. It would be interesting to know exactly how much weight the glass adds to the hatchback, and if it drastically effects performance stats for Ferrari’s first and fast family car.

Paris Auto Show Ferrari FF

The 2013 Ferrari FF hatchback with panoramic glass roof made its debut at the Paris Auto Show.

It is unclear (pardon the pun) if the snazzy new roof will be available on the market or if it was just for show. Either way, it has certainly grabbed its fair share of attention! Overall, the roof has raised more questions than answers, and we must all wait to see what the Prancing Horses are wearing when they emerge from the factory!

Paris Auto Show Ferrari FF

I truly hope this unique design makes it to production, it certainly adds something special and fresh to Ferrari’s family ride!

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