Plug Pulled on Electric Rolls Royce

The plug has been pulled on the electric Rolls Royce concept, so pour out a bottle of your best million-dollar Russo Baltique vodka and move on! According to reports, Rolls Royce will never create an electric version of their esteemed Phantom…because not a single existing customer wants one. Fair enough.

Electric Rolls Royce concept cancelled

Are electric cars merely golf carts to the super wealthy?

The reason buyers tend to shy away from the hybrid powertrain is mostly range-anxiety. As motorists, we all feel comfortable with the fact that we can pull up to any fueling station and nourish our beasts. But what would we do if we needed to recharge a car battery? The fact that a hybrid boasts both electric and gas power seems to do little to alleviate the worry. Fact: change is scary…it even frightens a Phantom.

Electric Rolls Royce concept cancelled

The electric Rolls Phantom materialized at last year’s Geneva Auto Show, surprising the masses and likely the marquee itself.

Electric Rolls Royce concept cancelled

The battery alone for the electric Phantom was a hefty 1452 pounds

So, the 102EX never created quite the charge Rolls had hoped, but did make an interesting market research exercise and raise many questions during its brief stretch of road. While the brand says it is goodbye forever, we all know that the ever-evolving auto world could switch gears at any moment on that claim!

Electric Rolls Royce concept cancelled

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