Pope Popped in Germany for Seatbelt Violation

Pope Benedict XVI is known for his somewhat trendy and modern flair, like his taste in luxury vehicles. This flair is reflected in his motorcade, which includes a custom Mercedes hybrid Popemobile flanked by Ducati motorbikes. While he may be cool, the Pope is not above the law in Germany!


The Pope perched on his custom Mercedes hybrid

Germany has no problem with the luxury Pope procession, but it does take issue with the Pope not wearing his seatbelt in accordance with local laws. That is right, the Pope has been slapped with a lawsuit on November 26th for not failing to buckle up–thanks to a secret complaint filed against him. The plaintiff wishes to remain anonymous, likely to avoid burning in hell for ratting on the Pope.

According to reports, a German citizen from Dortmund filed a complaint against the Pope because he was clearly not fastened into his custom Popemobile. The citizen felt that the Pope should abide by the same laws that other mere mortals must adhere to, custom vehicle or not! As you can see from the photos, he rides in plain view in a sort of bubble, making it easy to see a seatbelt or similar safety device. 

Pope Ducati Fleet

This just does not look right, but it is not a joke! The Pope was actually blessed with a couple of Ducati bikes for his motorcade.

The plaintiff stated,
"Seatbelts save lives and the Pope should obey the traffic rules.” The plaintiff added that a driver was killed in a traffic accident shortly after the Pope’s visit for failing to wear a seatbelt.

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Pope motorcade

Classy and glassy, this is how he rolls




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