Top 10 Miami Art Basel Parties and Strip Teases!

If you are hitting the 2011 Miami Beach Art Basel, the endless procession of events and “can’t miss” flyers can be enough to overwhelm the sturdiest of art-lovers. Seriously though…last year I was reduced to a quivering heap of panic somewhere along the shoreline, frantically wondering if my plan to forgo a plan of action was smart…it wasn’t.

Art Basel Miami

Preparations are under way!

Without further ado, secure your luxury rental car in Miami (perhaps opt for a chauffeur this week…DUIs are expensive, just ask Paris & Lindsay), learn from my mistakes and mishaps and make the most of the week via the following tips: (Quick overview of each below!)

10. Nightdrive and Stüssy’s Art Basel Kickoff
9. F**k Me I’m Famous! by Cathy and David Guetta
8. Cashmere Kitties Music Festival
7. Neon Indian
6. Fab 5 Freddy and Ninjasonik
5. Twin Shadow
4. Crosstown Rebels present Get Lost Art Basel
3. Basel Castle 2011
2. Tom Tom Magazine’s Art Basel Showcase
1. Hard 2 Leave

Paris & Nicky Hilton at Art Basel

Paris & Nicky Hilton enjoying 2010 Art Basel

Nightdrive and Stüssy’s Art Basel Kickoff. December 1st @ 11pm at Mamushka’s Midtown (31 NW 36th street, Miami). Kick things off with a stiff drink and bands Nightdrive, Stussy and more talent. Take your vitamins, it will be a rough morning.

F**k Me I’m Famous! by Cathy and David Guetta. December 2nd @ 11pm at LIV (4441 Collins Ave. Miami). This is how you mix with celebrities…so bring your camera and get ready for some famous fun! $200  per person, worth every penny.

Cashmere Kitties Music Festival. December 1st @ 6:30pm through the 3rd at 6:30pm at Kohn Compound (219 NW 24th St. Miami). No cover, all ages. This is how you avoid sketchy events that creep up during this week.

Neon Indian. December 1st @ 10pm at Bardot (3456 N. Miami Ave. Miami). 21&up, $45 cover will buy you a trippy art experience with a chillwave pioneer.

Fab 5 Freddy and Ninjasonik. December 2nd @ 7pm at Fountain Art Fair (2505 N. Miami Ave. Miami). Pro-tip: snag a week pass for just $15, otherwise its $10 per day.

Art Basel Miami 2011

Twin Shadow. December 2nd @ 8pm at NE 27th and NE 2nd Ave, Miami. No cover charge for the synth magician Twin Shadow who will have you in a state of mesmerized bliss after a half bottle of Absolut.

Crosstown Rebels present Get Lost Art Basel. December 4th @ noon at the Electric Pickle (2826 N. Miami Ave, Miami). For just $35 you can see Damian Lazarous, Lee Curtiss, Clive Henry and more!

Basel Castle 2011. December 3rd at 5pm at Overthrow Castle (41 NW 20th St, Miami). Just $10 at the door buys you a wild party…in a freaking castle! Expect a DJ set by The Rapture, Penguin Prison and more along with a 4-day long party.

Tom Tom Magazine’s Art Basel Showcase. December 3rd @ 8pm (Churchill’s Pub 5501 NE Second Ave, Miami). Indulge your senses with Holly Hunt, Snakehole, The State Of and more for just $7!

Hard 2 Leave. It would not be Miami without some strippers…so on December 4th @ 11pm head over to Goldrush in Miami (29 NE 11 Street for those of you who do not have it programmed in your GPS already). Bring $10 cover fee and a wad of $1s for the uhm…talent! Not recommended for the wee leetle tykes.

Art Basel Miami

Art Basel Miami

Miami Art Basel

What you may feel like doing after some of these parties!



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