Range Rover Windsor Edition Takes Aim at Escalade and Other Luxury SUV Brands

Growing weary of the same Range Rover stylings? Amari Design brand has unleashed their vision of the future in the form of the Range Rover Windsor Edition, offering a welcome escape from the ordinary! The modern appeal is striking and exciting, while still maintaining the classic feel of the model. This would certainly be a magnificent edition to our fleet of Range Rover rentals in Miami, Chicago, New York and LA!

Range Rover Windsor Edition

The people at Amari Design are quite talented, as you can see, and are also working on the new Lamborghini Gallardo Invidia, due around April or May-ish. The background details: Amari Supercars has branched successfully from pre-owned exotics only to the tuning industry, billing themselves as “Amari Design”, making the leap with the Lamborghini Gallardo as their first example. Bravado, and bravo!

Smoking hot appearance

Back to business with the edgy Windsor Edition Range Rover. It announces itself with a wide body kit that does nothing but enhance the sporty look and feel of the brand (look out, Cadillac Escalade!) The same tuning package is available sans the extra-wide kit, for those who prefer the standard size.

Modifications and upgrades include:

•    Amari Design AD1 3-pice deep concave forged aluminum wheels
•    Petrol and diesel engines of the Range Rover Sport
•    Front bumper with apron and LED lights
•    Rear bumper with diffuser and spoiler
•    Wide arch and door molding set
•    Side vents

Windsor Edition rear view

The interior of the Range Rover Sport 2011 Windsor Edition is drenched in a Nappa leather finish, carbon fiber or piano black trim. If you love what you see, the Windsor Edition is supposed to be available now from Amari Supercars headquarters and appointed international dealers.

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It even looks great in a fresh black coat

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