Rolls-Royce Is Testing An SUV Chassis and Inviting Interaction

With all of the rumors of a potential Rolls-Royce SUV swirling around the depths of the Internets, there is now something more solid to cling to: Rolls-Royce is testing an SUV chassis on the winged Phantom and inviting the public to check things out as the development process proceeds!

Rolls-Royce testing SUV chassis with a winged Phantom—life behind the wheel could get a little more rugged for fans of the brand.

Rolls-Royce SUV

The brand has been busy releasing photos of the test mule, which is a short Phantom with a distinctive rear wing. While it may or may not end up looking like this, it is certainly a good indication of things to come. Rolls-Royce has made the first move, beating spy photographers out of their play by sharing the photos and information right up front—well played. They describe the vehicle as follows: “an engineering mule.” It serves as the testing chassis for a four-wheel drive version named ‘Project Cullinan’. They have shared that it will be important for the Rolls-Royce SUV to be capable off-road as well, perhaps puffing the chest out to a certain luxury SUV rival? Ahem…what’s up Land Rover?

Rolls-Royce SUVWe should get a better look at things by the time Goodwood rolls around, as of now we know that wheel space and suspension are being carefully addressed and that the overall look and feel will most certainly read Rolls-Royce across the board. I suppose the murmurings of a Phantom-based GT3 racer will blast out of the picture now?

Rolls-Royce SUV

Some hashtags from Rolls-Royce over the past few months have hinted at this new endeavor, such as: #EffortlessEverywhere, which ties into the open letter released stating that “the luxury of a Rolls-Royce in a vehicle can cross any terrain.” It appears the brand will be standing a bit taller and in no need of a new road in the near future.

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