Remember the Stormtrooper Gemballa Ferrari?

Stormtrooper Gemballa Ferrari

This Enzo Ferrari generated an online sensation back in 2009 because of its rather uncanny resemblance to a stormtrooper. Inspired by a jet fighter, this stormtrooper Gemballa Ferrari became one of the most memorable of the 400 Enzo Ferrari cars on earth.

Meet stormtrooper Enzo, a flighty fellow. There are only 400 Enzo Ferraris in existence, and this may be the coolest. 

The Gemballa Enzo Ferrari Stormtrooper at a glance:

  • This trooper is packing a tuned 6.0-liter V12 unleashing 700 Prancing Horses. That is the same as the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.
  • The aerodynamics were clearly tweaked to increase performance with the added advantage of appearance.
  • More downforce! To the tune of 35kg up front and 85 in the rear. That paired with a lighter curb weight equals fun squared.
  • Massive rear wing appears capable of launching the Ferrari into full flight mode…jet fighter, indeed.
  • The end result is perched on standard alloys that have been murdered out in black.

The official name for the stormtrooper Ferrari is the MIG-U1. There were initial intentions to create a special fleet of 25 of them, but following Gemballa’s untimely death only one exists. The very special Enzo Ferrari currently resides in Paris, France with an asking price close to $4 million USD. The funny fellows at Top Gear stated that the Gemballa stormtrooper Ferrari looks quite like “An FXX that’s wearing a bit too much make-up”.  read more