There Is A Snowstorm Here?

Do Snowstorm Rental Cars Exist?

It’s just a little snow people relax.  24 inches can’t stop Imagine Lifestyles Chicago branch from taking care of its’ clients.  We have a number of vehicles from our fleet of Chicago luxury rentals that are ready to tackle anything Mother Nature throws our way.


Our Chicago Cadillac Escalade Rental has rims just as tall as the snow drifts and isn’t afraid of any wind.  Chicago’s Porsche Cayenne rental would also be perfect, and the white on red would blend right into the snow you wouldn’t even need a wash. 

Escalade in Snow

Granted, the 20-foot waves crashing onto Lake Shore Drive might pose a problem.  We can’t help you there, but we can get you to and from the airports safely with an airport chauffeur.  Well actually, the airports are shut down.  Maybe we will have to drive you in a few days but we will get you there eventually.  Luxury SUV’s are built for any weather and Imagine Lifestyles Chicago branch will never let our clients down.  Give us a call today and lets go play in some snow.

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals