Top 10 Bizarre Items Left Behind at a Hotel

The following compilation includes the top 10 strangest items, some luxury items, left behind at a not-so-luxurious hotel: the Travelodge. Some of these items are funny, while others are simply absurd—like the keys to a Ferrari 458 Italia. If one can afford a Ferrari, what are they doing in a roach motel? It is as insane as passing by a brand new Corvette parked outside of a trailer court! (You know you have seen this).

Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia

Travelodge hotel

A Travelodge hotel. This hotel is bottom-of-the-line stateside, though does seem a bit nicer overseas. Still, I would never leave any of our exotic cars parked outside! You would require a security guard to sit in a car like that here.

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10. A suitcase of designer dog outfits and matching collars
9. A watch box containing 7 prestigious watches in London
8. A Vera Wang wedding gown in Edninburgh
7. 100 Duchess of Cambridge masks in London
6. A mock 3ft tall Olympic torch that lights up in Manchester
5. A large Santa’s grotto complete with decorations, lights, a model reindeer in Nuneaton
4. A Roborovski hamster called Fredrick in Knutsford
3. An Urn with wife’s ashes in Peterborough
2. An 18-month old child. Yes, a human child.
1. Keys to a Ferrari 458 Italia supercar


Hamster left in hotel

Random abandoned hamster in hotel

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Funny car pics

Funny car pics teaser




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