Top 5 Airport Foods that Are Surprisingly Awesome

As Thanksgiving looms in our path this week, note that those of us traveling may well find ourselves enduring commercial airline travel.  That translates to some of us are going to be waiting around for hours, and possibly stuck somewhere, hungry.  There is always a private aircraft charter, but for the rest, here are the top 5 best airport grub hubs in the event of your demise:

1.    The sushi at ‘One Flew South’ ATL
2.    The chili dog at ‘Pink’s’ LAX
3.    The chicken pesto at ‘Boudin Bakery’ SFO
4.    The ribs at ‘Corky’s Ribs & BBQ’ MEM
5.    The chowder at ‘Ivar’s Seafood’ SEA

ATL.  Atlanta may be the sushi capital of the world, so belly up to the bar at the famed ‘One Flew South’ and taste the succulent seafood of North Carolina.

One Flew South Sushi

LAX.  Everyone, including celebrities and presidents, loves the iconic ‘Pink’s’ hot dog stand.  The traditional deliciousness has made its way to the international terminal of LAX this past year, so grab a turkey dog on Turkey day, if you must!

Pink's Hot Dog Stand LAX

Pinks Hot Dog Stand Los Angeles

Pinks Hot Dogs Betty White

SFO.  In San Francisco, sample the chicken pesto at ‘Boudin Bakery’.  They have been baking their signature sourdough since the beginning of air travel, and you can order soup in a bread bowl.

Boudin Bakery Bread Bowls

MEM.  If you are lucky enough to stop over in Memphis, try the ribs at ‘Corky’s Ribs & BBQ’, this town is known for their southern BBQ tactics, so just follow your nose, or the smoked hickory, to the spot.

SEA.  When in Seattle, seafood is an absolute must.  The chowder at ‘Ivar’s Seafood’ will grant you a taste of history, as it has been served up since 1934.  The founder used to host octopus wrestling competitions, which just makes him awesome and leaves me picturing a larger and tattoo-laden version of ‘Popeye’, named ‘Ivar’, appropriately, wrastlin’ up some giant squids to impress the ladies.



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