Top 5 Disney Musts if you are Used to Luxury

Traveling to the Magic Kingdom?  Here are some travel tips if you are going to Disney!


1.  Indulge in an exotic SUV rental to travel from park to park  Nothing trumps a sweet and roomy Range Rover rental Florida or Escalade rental Florida to relax between parks.  Disney is very big and it can wear you out, know that it can take up to 20 minutes to travel between parks.  A spacious luxury SUV rental can really help you recoup between excursions! 

Luxury SUV rental Florida

Also, Hire a limo service for the nighttime.  If you would like to park hop or go to Epcot for dinner each evening, a limo or chauffeured car service is the way to go.  You will already tired from a full day of walking around the park, so why not use a car service to save your energy for the parks?



WDW Magic Guide

WDW app

2.  Download the WDW Magic Guide app for the following perks:

•    It shows wait times for every ride, with a 99% accuracy rate (in my experience)
•    Displays park maps (so you do not look like a tourist)
•    Park hours
•    Full scale of dining options and numbers to make reservations

Epcot Dining

3.  Stay in Magic Kingdom at the Contemporary or the Grand Floridian

These are very nice hotels, not exactly 5-star, but very clean and bright, with an exceptionally attentive staff.  During my stay they were painting the hallway baseboards, and they did not appear to require it.  Both Disney hotels are one monorail trip from the Magic Kingdom, and you can take advantage of extra Disney hours if you are staying in a Disney Resort.  I also suggest Disney’s Animal Kingdom, though it is a bit further away.

  Follow link for tips for tipping at a 5-star restaurant.

Epcot Dining Disney

4.  Make all your meal reservations in advance  

If you are going to eat in Disney, I suggest to only dine at Epcot or Downtown Disney.  I found the park food to be suitable for the occasional snack, but terrible overall.  If you are a foodie, Epcot and Downtown Disney are where you will find the 5-star meals.

Disney Fireworks

5.  Lastly, reconsider bringing a child under 4 years old or bring a nanny, manny or au pair.

I have found that getting through the vastness that is Disney is challenging as an adult, and even more so with children.  Children from 1-3 cannot appreciate the experience as much as those 4 and up, and it can be a full-time job tending to them.  If you do opt to bring a child under 4, I recommend bringing a nanny, many or au pair to assist you and your child.  Trust me, you will thank yourself later!

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