Top Ten Priciest Places to Speed-A $200,000 Speeding Ticket?

Expensive Speeding TicketsWhen you are in the business of exotic cars, the prospect of a speeding ticket tends to cross the mind occasionally.  We like to go fast, but check out the top ten priciest places to snag a speeding ticket:

1.    Finland.  In this beautiful country, the world-record speeding ticket was levied-a cool $200,000.  No, there is no typo-I intentionally placed 5 zeros after the 2, because in Finland, speeding fines are dished out depending on the annual income of the person.  In this phenomenal case, Jussi Salonoja, 27 year old heir to a Northern European meatpacking empire, had earned $11.5 million in 2002.  Salonoja was fined $200,000 for driving 50 mph in a 25 mph zone, based on complex calculations of his income by the courts. 

2.    Canada.  In the land of the Maple Leaf, it would be unwise to speed along the often empty and straight highways.  Generally a speeding ticket at the higher end will set you back about $1,000, speeders in Alberta are subject to up to $25,000.  A motorcyclist caught a bitch slap of $12,000 for going 164 mph in Alberta last year, after striking a deal with prosecutors that allowed him to keep his drivers license.  Visiting Ontario?  Speeders there are subject to pay up to $10,000 for a lead foot offense.

3.    United Kingdom.  The highest fine paid in the UK so far is $8,000.  In the UK, fines speeders are subject to are determined by a sliding scale based on how fast and the limit and weather conditions.  An unlucky driver of a Porsche 911 was stopped in 2007 for doing 172 miles per hour (who can blame the guy in an exotic car that sweet) on a rural road, resulting in British authorities essentially doubling the fine for the offense from $4,000 to $8,000.  This hardly seems fair, when another motorist clocked at 115 mph was only ordered to pay $1250. 

4.    United States.  The highest speeding fines in the U.S. are around $2500.  There are a few states, such as Illinois, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia and New Hampshire where drivers are liable for about $1,000.  Last year, Virginia repealed a law allowing courts to impose fines of up to $2500 for driving 10 mph and up over the speed limit.  Keep in mind that in the U.S jail time often accompanies speeding cases deemed “reckless”. 

5.    Norway & Iceland.  Here is something to consider if your frozen feet feel a bit heavy in Norway or Iceland-you can be fined up to 10% of your annual income plus jail time for speeding.  Norway is a bit more stringent, imposing a mandatory minimum jail visit of 18 days in addition to the steep fine. 

6.    Portugal.  Portugal also adheres to a system that takes into account the income of the driver, road conditions and speed limit to determine the offender’s fine.  What is odd is that most police cars in Portugal are equipped with ATM machines and drivers who cannot meet the heavy fines are forbidden to drive…what happened to innocence until proven guilty? 

7.    France, Italy, and Switzerland.  Speeding is a seriously expensive offense in Western Europe, where Formula One racing and domestic car production prosper.  Speed cameras are quite common, and fines upwards of $2100 and jail time can be imposed.  Recently, European motorists are adapting to the fact that points accrued on their license in different countries are now appearing on their domestic license.  Yikes.

8.    Australia.  The highest fines imposed in Aussie Land are about $857.  Pushing the pedal down under can lead to an expensive ticket.  The massive and empty interior of this alluring island is becoming increasingly equipped with cameras, and fines are going up along with them.  So you do not live there, and do not want to pay for your ticket?  No problem, but you will have trouble re-entering Australia.

9.    The Netherlands.  Yes, they do drive in Holland-it is not just wooden shoes and bicycles.  And if you are popped speeding in this quaint countryside, you can pay up to $800.  Kinda puts a damper on the whimsical windmills and maidens dancing in your head. 

10.     Germany.  World famous for the Autobahns who are intoxicatingly sans speed limits, do not underestimate German authorities that protect the other transit routes.  While the Autobahns are free for any exotic rental car, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or even VW to bolt along at high speeds freely, not every road in Germany is intended to resemble the Nurburgring, and authorities will let you know with a hard $600 dollar fine, 90 day license suspension and points against your driving privileges.  Ouchies.  And we thought you guys were cool.  

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