More Expensive: A Hermes Handbag or Brand New Ferrari?

Would you prefer a new handbag or a brand-spanking-new Ferrari, if given the option? If you chose the Ferrari, you may be shocked to learn that for the price of 5 or 6 new Ferrari 458 Italia cars, you can get one $1.9 million-dollar Hermes handbag. Gulp.

Hermes bag

The million-plus Hermes handbag

Hermes creates some of the most luxurious and coveted items on earth, but the 4 new designs unleashed are expensive, even for them! The miniature totes are crafted from gold and then bedazzled with thousands of precious stones…think of it as the ultimate unnecessary accessory.

These million-dollar mini-bags are designed to be essentially a piece of flair—worn around the wrist as a sort-of bracelet. Designer Pierre Hardy spent two years perfecting these designer bags, the Kelly and the Birkin, and each will only be produced 3 times.

Ferrari 458

The hot Ferrari 458 Italia bleeds less money than the Hermes handbag

Who will the buyers be? According to Hermes CEO Patrick Thomas,
 “I have no idea. But maybe they will have two bodyguards!”


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