Challenge Accepted? The Hennessey Cadillac Packs 1,226 HP

It is no secret that John Hennessey creates some of the most aggressive speed demons out there. It is also never understated that Hennessey loves to compete, and is vying to get Bugatti to line up on the track next to his latest invention: a 1,226 horsepower Cadillac CTS-V coupe. Yes, a Caddy with more horses under the hood than the world’s fastest car, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. The official name is the Cadillac VR1200 and it may not exactly belong in our list of cars that appear fast even when parked, it certainly is noteworthy. read more

Toyota Trumps Audi at Le Mans 24-Hour Race

Le Mans 24-Hour race

Audi fans felt their hearts decelerate at this year’s Le Mans 24-Hour race when the #7 Toyota trumped the #1 Audi by 223 seconds. The Toyota TS030 hybrid and the Audi R 18 e-tron Quattro were battling for the title during the grueling endurance race, but Audi simply could not overcome a collision penalty. Remember this Le Mans Ferrari crash?

Just 223 seconds separated the hybrid race cars, Audi and Toyota, but that can mean worlds in endurance racing!

The cars and drivers:

Toyota TS030 hybrid
Driven by: Nicolas Lapierre, Alex Wurz and Kazuki Nakajima read more

Your Lamborghini Is Not Fast Enough

after market Lamborghini performance

In the past, it held enough water to simply own an exotic supercar like a Lamborghini. Fast forward to today, when arriving in a Lamborghini Gallardo simply is not enough to impress your friends—you need to be able to completely obliterate your buddy’s car on the track first. Enter the glorious after market Lamborghini performance industry, to the rescue! (This industry is obviously not just for Lamborghini, but for all supercar brands).

Something seems to be missing…This is the Heffner twin-turbo Superleggera. read more

$3.5 Million Bugatti Type 54 Racecar Hits Auction Block

Bugatti Type 54 racecar

Another awesome slice of exotic auto history is hitting the auction block—a Bugatti Type 54 racecar! The $3.5 million dollar Bugatti factory racer was driven by Achille Varzi at Monza in 1931. The medium rare wonder features a racing blue coat and a body shape befitting its era—the early 1900s. This is a true piece of the rich luxury racing past and offers a clue about the origins of that telltale Bugatti bubble styling!

The well-known Bugatti racer is expected to net $3.5 million dollars when it changes hands on February 7th, 2012. read more

Attention Boston: We Are Bringing the Supercars Back!

Imagine Lifestyles is gearing up for our next track event, which will be hosted at Gillette Stadium in Boston on September 13th-16th, 27th, 28th & 30th 2012. Our last trip to Boston was a huge success, so we are coming back to deliver the only known cure for that insatiable need for speed: Ferrari and Lamborghini and the winding open space to use them! It could be you gripping the wheel and flying over the pavement…it is your call!
This is another opportunity to take a thoroughbred supercar up to speed on the track and experience the power and true capacity of the car! While renting an exotic car is always amazing, this is a day of high-speed acceleration and professional driving instruction—things that one cannot simply do on the regulated streets. The potholes and speed limits on the roads today make any car feel more like a conestoga wagon on square wheels…consider this an adult road recess of epic proportions. Act Fast! Spots for these track events fill up almost instantly, so make your reservation right now and prepare for 3 of the fastest laps of your life while gripping the wheel of the best Ferrari and Lamborghini have to offer! The details: 
• The event dates are September 13th-16th, 27th, 28th & 30th 2012 • Drivers may reserve a spot–so beat the traffic to secure your spot! The cars: 
• Lamborghini (the likes of the Gallardo LP640 roadster) 
• Ferrari (the likes of the California, Italia and F430) The fine print:
 • Dates, times, and cars subject to availability 
• Must be 21 or older to drive 
• Must be 13 or older to ride-along 
• 6’4″ height max, 325lb weight max 
• Must sign waiver 
• Auto-Cross track insurance required 
• Credit card required at booking 
• Valid driver’s license required at the event Ferrari sweeps the track like fire! Coming soon: the new Lamborghini Aventador
If you are unable to attend this round, we will be hitting up Seattle soon! Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals

Objects In the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are…Unless You Rock the Audi e-tron

Audi’s adaption of the rear view mirror is Amoled amore. So what does that mean in English? It means that the days of squinting at blinding headlights in the rearview mirror will be a thing of the past for drivers of the Audi R8 e-tron, as the company has just announced the integration of an intelligent camera monitoring system that will replace the standard rear view mirror in the new model. Not only does it look slick and futuristic, it amps up safety and reduces irritation—total win-win.

read more

Jean Bugattis Final Car Finally Finished Following 73 Year Stall

A little known project has finally reached the finish line, after an epic 73-year stall! Jean Bugatti’s last car was incomplete at the time of his death, and for decades, the Mullin Automotive Museum has been completing the process. Now the Type 64 is complete and sans cobwebs. Exotic and classic car restoration is indeed a long process, but 73 years is simply ridiculous…a convertible top may decompose faster.
Jean Bugattis type 64 coupe

Legendary automotive designer Jean Bugatti died in a road test crash in 1939. Above is the 1939 Type 64 coupe body he was waiting for at the time of his death.