Top 5 Chicago Steakhouses To Take a Date Where You Are Guaranteed to Score…

A Good Meal: Chicago’s Top 5 Steaks

Where is the best steak in Chicago?  This is a question that will be raised until the end of time and will never have a definitive answer until the end of time as well.  Everyone has their opinion on the matter and there are so many great options that even Imagine Lifestyles cannot come to an agreement on which is our favorite.  However, we will attempt to pick out five of our favorites and at least try and narrow down the choices for best steak in Chicago.

1. Erie Café
2. Smith and Wollensky
3. The Palm
4. David Burke Primehouse
5. Keefer’s

Erie Cafe Chicago

1.) Erie Café (536 W. Erie) If you are looking for a little different style of Chicago steakhouse this is the place for you.  Located far away from the noise and chaos of Rush Street the Erie Café is set off the beaten path in a residential neighborhood.  Once inside, there is nothing swanky either.  Erie Café is just an old school restaurant with amazing food.  Since 1995, Erie Café has been dishing out some of Chicago’s best steaks.  Not sure what to order, we recommend the T-bone with a side of Potatoes Erie.  Sometimes you may spot a exotic car or two some of which are from fleets of Chicago exotic rental car companies. 



Smith and Wollensky Chicago Steakhouse

2.) Smith and Wollensky (318 N. State) Hovering above the river, Smith and Wollensky will bring out one of the best steaks you have ever tasted as well as offering up some great views of the Chicago River from their outdoor patio.  Although this chain is not specific to Chicago, many locals will argue until they are red in the face that no other steak house compares.  We also agree that is one of the best and the Filet Oscar will make any meat-lover weak in the knees.  Stop by the bar after dinner for a glass of whiskey and a cigar to cap the night off in style.



The Palm Chicago Steakhouse

3.) The Palm (323 E. Wacker) Located in the first floor of the Swisshotel, the Palm has been serving up steaks to its’ lucky customers since 1926 when the first restaurant opened up in New York City.  With over 20 locations nationwide now the Palm has held its own amongst Chicago’s best steakhouses and continues to be one of the best around.  Don’t let the caricatures on the wall fool you this is not a children’s restaurant.  The Palm is a great restaurant with exceptional food, and the double cut New York Strip is an Imagine Lifestyles favorite any day of the week. After a meal here you will not be able to squeeze into your lamborghini or Ferrari rental car if that is what you planned for your after dinner excursion.



David Burke Primehouse Chicago Steakhouse

4.) David Burke Primehouse (55 E. Ontario) Another hotel steakhouse, this time in the James Hotel, David Burke finally brought his talents to Chicago and we are all very thankful for that.  Named after his famed steer, Prime, all meat served in his Primehouse’s are direct offspring of Prime and you can sure taste the difference in quality from your average steak.  David Burke also offers some aged steaks that no one else in the country sells.  Try the 55-day aged ribeye and see for yourself what all that extra time does for your taste buds.  Also, make sure to start off with an order of Surf and Turf Dumplings, one of the best appetizers in Chicago.



Keefer's Chicago Restaurant

5.) Keefer’s (20 W. Kinzie) A restaurant that features one of Chicago’s best chefs might not appear to specialize in steaks, and the owner’s of Keefer’s are proud to serve up some fabulous fish and chicken dishes as well.  However, the steaks are still why people keep coming back and Chef John Hogan knows how to cook them just right.  The atmosphere at Keefer’s is fabulous and if you are lucky enough to be there on a nice summer nice be sure to sit outside on their patio.  Leave plenty of time for dinner as well because the wine list is incredible and no one should order just one bottle.  Contact Imagine Lifestyles Chicago after bottle number two gets ordered and we will arrange for a private luxury chauffeur ride home. 

I can already hear all the people screaming that I left off their favorite restaurant.  As we said from the beginning, this is just a list of our 5 favorites here in Chicago.  We also love eating steaks from numerous other restaurants and will continue to do so.  However, everyone is entitled to an opinion and these are our Top 5 steakhouses in Chicago according to Imagine Lifestyles.  

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