Enhanced Ferrari 458 Italia Crashes on Airstrip

The Amelia Island classic car show in Florida inspired a speed festival at a nearby airport, where supercars and high-performance cars accomplished a bit of showing off. The awesome displays, both parked and racing, paled in comparison to the unfortunate Ferrari 458 Italia crash that ensued! The clincher: the owner’s buddy, who was not injured in the runoff, crashed The Ferrari. The friendship on the other hand, may have suffered some injuries!

Ferrari 458 Italia

The 700 horsepower tuned Ferrari 458 crashed into swamp during a high-speed run. As the above photo shows, it is a total loss.

The twin-turbocharged Ferrari 458 hit the tarmac for a high-speed run, but it ran out of airstrip before speed! Underground Racing tuned the wrecked Ferrari–see the detailed video of it below in its former glory.

Underground Racing video of the tuned Ferrari 458 Italia. Just listen to the glorious turbos…

Managing a full-throttle run in a hypercar calls for a very long strip of pavement. Airports are often chosen for high speed testing due to their ideal runways. None of this matters when the driver does not know the stopping distance required for the vehicle they are punishing…or if the brakes fail, which did not happen in this case. The length of the runway at this particular airport was just 0.56 miles long, not the best place to host a last-minute high-speed free-for-all for excited gearheads.

Ferrari 458 Italia

Underground Racing tuned Ferrari 458 Italia wreckage

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