High Speed Lamborghini Crash

It is a challenge to control the 640 horses in the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. For that reason, driving a supercar is a task that should certainly never be attempted after leaving a watering hole with motor skills and judgment impaired. Intoxicating as this sports car is, it should be operated stone cold sober. A thirsty German learned this lesson the hard way when he experienced a high speed Lamborghini crash! The important thing is that a lesson was learned, because that means he indeed survived.

High speed Lamborghini crash

This Murcielago was murdered when it nailed traffic lights at high speeds–over 120 miles per hour, to be precise!

A 30-year old man in Nurnberg, Germany, crashed the hypercar at speeds exceeding 120 miles per hour. While that is no where near the vehicle’s top speed, it is certainly fast enough to produce devastating impact. The man and his passenger made it, but the poor Lambo sustained damage. A DUI charge (among others) is likely.

Lamborghini crash in Germany

Sources say the 30-year old driver and the passenger of the exotic sports car were both intoxicated

Supercar crashes happen in even the best of conditions because of the awesome power under the lids, lead feet and a billion other combining factors. Adding the element of alcohol consumption to operating any vehicle, let alone a Lamborghini, is a bad call! Most exotic car crashes are caused by loss of control, and supercars are somewhat hard to control. The moral of this story is that you want a high speed Lambo, not a high speed Lamborghini crash.

Lamborghini crash

What lurks under the hood of the LP640 and more delicious details:
• 640 horses, of course
• 6.5-liter engine
• Output: 631 HP/471 kW at 8,000 rpm
• Debuted at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show
• Starts at $318,800 MSRP in the U.S.

Crashed Lamborghini

It does not appear to be easy to reach such high speeds on a street like this, yet that is what reports indicate.

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