My Waiter is a Star Wars Droid

Dalu Restaurant China

When patrons enter the dimly lit restaurant in Jinan, China they are greeted by a female robot batting her eyelashes and offering an electronic “welcome”.  Lined with futuristic lights, the fun continues when guests realize their waiter is not a human being, but a robot!  This may be the most awesome restaurant in China, worthy of pulling up in an exotic car rental for the full effect!



Appropriately named ‘The Dalu Robot Restaurant’, this exotic find lures crowds of up to 100 with its dancing and talking robots, programmed to serve.  Yes, the hotpot meals at Dalu are served up by robots that never lose their cool and do not expect a tip.  As we all know, tipping can be a big issue, especially tipping at 5-star restaurants.  Luckily, guests at Dalu are spared the process.

According to Li Xiaomei, 35, a first-timer,

"They have a better service attitude than humans.  Humans can be temperamental or impatient, but they don’t feel tired, they just keep working and moving round and round the restaurant all night.”

Dali Restaurant Robot Waiters

Dalu Restaurant China

Dali Robot Waiters

Well, that certainly makes sense.  Over a dozen robots serve as waiters, entertainers, greeters and receptionists at Dalu.  The robot servers cover the dining area with trays of food on a conveyor-belt, with a motion sensor that stops it, allowing guests to approach and take the dish they wish.  I have always wanted to approach a Star Wars droid without fear.

R2D2 Star Wars

Owner Zhang Yongpei was inspired by space exploration, robots and global innovation when he brought his dream to life, and has plans to roll out an additional 30 robots at $6,000 each.  His dream is to eventually have more human-like robots capable of approaching guests at tables and scaling stairs.  I wonder if Yongpei owns a Delorean…




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