The World’s Ugliest Rolls Royce—Hands Down

This simply must be the ugliest Rolls Royce in the world…at least, if there is a worse example in existence, I do not care to see it! I have often said that money does not buy taste, and this owner dropped around $300,000 to customize this Phantom. There is such a thing as too many options, clearly.

Ugliest Rolls Royce

The ugliest Rolls Royce on earth is a combination of far too many options gone awry. 

Ugliest Rolls Royce

It seems that the buyer had a difficult time deciding between purple, yellow, white and gold for the exterior. The entire thing is then perched on gold-plated chrome wheels that incorporate both yellow and gold in a crisscross. The resulting exterior curb appeal is nauseating for such a fine luxury-touring vehicle. But wait…it actually gets worse.

Rolls Royce PhantomWhat a Rolls Royce Phantom should look like, a slice of historic luxury and power. 

The inside is where this customized Rolls Royce Phantom becomes truly garish. Behold the bright yellow quilted leathers accented with purple and what appears to be a Hello Kitty hue of pink. Is that purple shag carpeting? I suppose it was intended to set-off the purple dash and steering wheel accents of faux carbon fiber.

Ugliest Rolls Royce

Fun fact: Workers wasted 17 days creating the seating from 18 cowhides.

A spokesperson from Rolls Royce worded their statement carefully: “This Phantom was designed to be the craziest Rolls Royce ever produced – it is completely bespoke.”  I can end this piece with a bit of good news…it is for sale.

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