Imagine Lifestyles Announces Chicago Luxury Rentals Grand Opening

Imagine Lifestyles luxury rentals is thrilled to announce our recent expansion into the Chicago area.  Imagine Lifestyles is the premier source for luxury car rentals, yacht charter, aircraft charter and luxury property rentals in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and now Chicago.  Chicago is a premier world city, and we are pleased to become a part of it.

Billionaire to Buy Airport

Roman Abramovich ranked number 15 on the World's Billionaires list for 2008. This year, Abramovich bought Britain's leading football club, Chelsea, for more then $300 million. Along with the British soccer team, the billionaire recently added a six-story house in London's Eaton Square, part of the estate of the Duke of Westminster, which is said to be worth more than $46 million.  His portfolio of property also contains homes in West Sussex, Moscow and St. Tropez on the French Riviera. Abramovich's custom-made 300-foot yacht, Le Grand Bleu, which is worth $90 million, features a helicopter and two hovercraft launch pads. Le Grand Bleu was christened in Rio de Janeiro and has its home port in Bermuda. 

Now Abramovich is leading a  syndicate of Russian tycoons to buy Tassignano airport in northern Italy, for investment purposes.  The airport which is worth more than 4 million GBP is near encampment of exclusive villas and vacation homes. Maybe Tassignano airport will make a nice investment but more likely it will make for a very exclusive get-a-way destination for Roman Abramovich and his friends.

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The Real Jet Set Do What Marc Jacobs Says

For the real and really luxurious jetsetters of the world, take Marc Jacobs advice. The American fashion designer and icon knows what luxury travel actually means. Mr. Marc Jacobs says, “I don't think there's anything practical about traveling with a trunk. Luxury travel is traveling with a toothbrush. That's it, end of story. The people who really live luxurious lives don't need to pack. They've got stuff wherever they go."

Imagine Lifestyles is a luxury rental company and we do concur! Our company keeps luxurious jetsetters status quo and on the go. Meaning, our clients don’t even need a toothbrush because that is the least of it. We provide our clients with the jets to jet set; five-star properties with five-star amenities to live; and, exotic rental cars to race or just drive. We have exquisite yachts to rent and knowledgeable employees to get you into the best restaurants and nightclubs. You Imagine and we make the luxurious lifestyle reality.

Luxury lifestyle imposters are the ones travelling with the bulky Louis Vuitton trunks on commercial flights. When a real jetsetter reaches their destination they buy a seasonal wardrobe or we can even have someone do that for you. Marc Jacobs has it all right and the real jet set are on his brain wavelength.


Air Harrods for the Sick at Sea. Luxury Helicopter Charter.

The world's most exclusive department store is Harrods of London and just in case that was up for dispute, check it out. Harrods has just added a private aviation program to services offered. To offer the firm's ultra rich clientele air support via helicopter and corporate jet, Harrods has teamed up with the UK based Watkins Yacht Management company. The two firms will offer a "streamlined luxury travel experience" for the wealthy at sea. Harrods will fly you in from sea to shop and back out to your yacht with bags in tote, luxury all the way is to be expected.  Next time you're on the mega-yacht and get sea sick, take a break, call Air Harrods and spend the day shopping  in London. Yachts, jets and Harrods, life doesn't get much better.

Vogue, Imagine & Naomi Cambell

A month ago, at Imagine Lifestyles, were called upon by Vogue for a Bentley Flying Spur. Vogue needed the luxury vehicle for a photo shoot Friday, starring Naomi Cambell. We, of course delivered and so at 8 am on Friday found ourselves at Opa Locka's private airport. The shoot was full scale for Cambell, caterers, two trailers, back up nail technicians and all the essentials.  Naomi Cambell's Escalade drove up and the atmosphere became somewhat somber. She got out of the car, walked to the tent and browsed over the food selection, to our surprise she was smiling. Cambell wore ripped blue jeans, a white t-shirt and little black vest with her signature long hair flowing. Cambell took a small plate and disappeared into the trailers for two hours.


She re-emerged in a beautiful white dress, wig and nails done, thus indicating that it was time to begin. The actual photo shoot went for just about an hour. Naomi pretending to get off a private jet, our Bentley in the background and a troop of servants in the foreground with her. Fake assistant, body guards, pilots, driver all dressed in black without make-up to offset rather than outdo Cambell in her white designer dress.

The shoot wrapped, we took our Bentley home to our luxury car garage, and Cambell & co moved to the next location at the Mondrian Hotel on South Beach. Vogue's spread with Naomi Cambell will be in May's issue and we will be hoping the next shoot we are called upon features Marissa Miller or Kate Moss.

Fly High on Starbucks

The premium coffee caffeine buzz is wearing off. For the last three months Starbucks has taken a beating in what was the companies worst quarter yet, but they still bought their third corporate jet. Starbucks' shares have plummeted 56% in the last year and last month they had a $45 million private jet delivered. What was Starbucks thinking? Obviously they weren't thinking  because this month Starbucks is trying to sell its new Gulfstream, 550. Starbucks' new private jet has made only 15 flights, several of which were in Honolulu and Kona, Hawaii. Where Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was taking a a two-week vacation. Schultz went on vacation while Starbucks announced the closing of 300 additional stores in January. Its ok because Starbucks has resolved to only keep one of its three jets as part of a new savings plan. Chief Financial Officer Troy Alstead said that Starbucks' is aiming to save $500 million this year, well, good luck with that.

Apparently Starbucks' ordered the 19-seat plane three years ago when yuppie America was all about premium Frappucinnos.  As for the new Starbucks' Gulfstream 550, “the interior is tastefully completed in neutral tones of gray leather and gray cashmere. The Australian Walnut woodwork is high gloss finish and is enhanced with satin nickel plating throughout the aircraft.”  If you're in the market for a basically brand new Gulfstream then buy Starbucks's at a deal. The private plane that cost the coffee company about $45 million may be worth as little as $30 million, thanks to plunging market demand.

The Wealthy Jet to South Europe in August

Roberto Cavalli's Mega-Yacht

If you are of the upper class echelon then you are reading this on your way to Marbella or St. Tropez or another South European hot spot.  In August the rich and famous are getting some much needed R&R in the lavish hotels and mega-yachts of another continent.  Last summer we played on a yacht in St. Tropez, we found ourselves in good company sandwhiched between party-man P-Diddy Combs and designer Roberto Cavalli.  Cavalli's floating palace was one of the most fabulous yacht's we have ever seen, pure class on water.

We hung with Chris Paciello the legendary ex-convict Club owner, credited with establishing the first true club scene on Miami Beach.  Paciello's yacht-mate was HBO Entourage star Kevin Connolly who was incredibly funny and laid-back.  After our first dinner aboard ship, Connolly led our group towards the renowned Hotel Byblos, which houses one of the most famous night clubs in France, Les Caves du Roy.  We walked right into Les Caves which was blinged out with a circa Club 54 vibe.  Fifteen year old European supermodels to 70 year old billionaires graced the tables. After we got sick of Les Cave we all headed over to VIP to watch Puff Daddy give the club a solo performance.  That was last summer, this summer is sure to have more adventures in store for us.

Boarding a Mega-Yacht in St. Tropez by you.