Imagine Lifestyles Reviews the Luxurious Trump Tower Chicago.

Imagine Lifestyles recently hosted its’ launch party for the new location that opened in Chicago.  Numerous clients and guests, as well as employees, were put up in the Trump Tower Chicago for the weekend of the event.  One of Chicago’s premier luxury hotels, we were extremely excited to offer everyone such a magnificent hotel for their visit to Chicago.  The Trump has been an excellent business partner for us here in Chicago since our doors opened and we continue to look forward to working with them and their guests.  Every weekend, guests can see Imagine Lifestyles Chicago luxury rental cars parked out front of the Trump and we look forward to keeping that relationship strong.  After the finalization of our launch party weekend, we reached out to a few clients and employees to get some feedback on their experiences at the Trump as well as some of the local restaurants and clubs they visited while they were here.  Below is a list of some common pros and cons that we repeatedly saw from numerous responses.

Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Chicago

The Peninsula Hotel in Chicago

It’s officially here.  Warm weather has arrived in Chicago after a few long, cold months of winter.  Arguably known as one of the greatest cities in the world, Chicagoans are ready to escape the rigors of winter and enjoy the city and all the amazing events and activities it has to offer.  And for the record, Imagine Lifestyles would never argue the fact that Chicago is definitely one of the greatest cities in the world.  As many people from all over the world embark on our wonderful city this summer, let’s take a look at the top five hotels to stay in while visiting.  Coming up with just five was no easy task, but the following hotels are simply the cream of the crop.

1.    The Drake
2.    The Peninsula
3.    The Palmer House
4.    The W
5.    Trump International Hotel

Luxury Hotel News: Trump SoHo Opens in New York

The Trump hotel collection has just opened its latest posh location, in SoHo New York.  Yes, everyone knows that South Hampton is a luxurious location, and it has just gotten more so with the introduction of a Trump hotel.  The Trump hotel is located at 246 Spring Street, and is a dramatic addition to the city skyline.Trump Hotel SoHo Opens

Trump hotels are notorious for their attention to detail, very exquisite detail might we mention.  The luxury hotel in South Hampton opened its doors on April 9th, 2010 and features 391 elegantly appointed suites and rooms.  There are a mere 12 rooms per floor, for exclusive privacy, the ultimate escape.  There are also no less than ten luxury two-bedroom penthouse suites, the most in New York City.  Well, we expect nothing less from Trump.

Imaging Lifestyles Chicago Top 5 Condo Buildings

Top 5 Condo Buildings in Chicago           

Imagine Lifestyles Chicago has done their due diligence to reveal the top 5 condo buildings in Chicago. We did not take this list lightly, and were a bit selfish when putting it together, by only picking places WE would want to reside in ourselves. It turns out that 4 of the 5 finalists are hotel condominiums, and the reason for this is pretty clear: Service and amenities. Trump Tower Chicago, Imagine Lifestyles Luxury and Exotic Rentals

Who Owns The Most Expensive Home in the U.S.?

Is it Oprah?  Maybe it is an oil tycoon, famous racecar driver, or perhaps a former child star?  Wrong-o.  It is the “Billion Dollar Man” himself, Donald Trump.  And how much was the most expensive house in the$125 Million Dollar Trump Estate nation going for you ask?  That would be about $125 million dollars, please.

Unfortunately, Trump only received $100 million for his $41 million dollar investment (he bought it as a foreclosure property).  And the lucky new owner?  A Russian billionaire who plans to subdivide the luxury property.

The sprawling luxury estate is located in the sought-after north side of West Palm Beach, our neighbor to the north.  The views from the luxury Trump estate are primarily Ocean, boasting panoramic views provided by oversized windows.  The hallways are equally cavernous, feeling more like a long room.  You can definitely tell that this estate was designed to host parties and events. 

The sheer size of the Trump estate is gasp-worthy.  There are 18 bedrooms, and 22 baths, spanning approximately 80,000 square feet over 7 acres.  There are 500 lavish feet of private beachline on the propertTrump's $125 Million Palm Beach Estate y, where we assume you can either wear your latest swimwear, or go au-natural if you wish.  Hey, it is private. 

Inside, no expense was spared.  Visitors enter into a luxurious conservatory overlooking the Atlantic.  The kitchen is adorned with mahogany cabinetry and stainless steel modern appliances.  It seems like everywhere you look there is marble and granite.

The infinity edge pool features expansive Ocean views, and a hot tub.  The pool is 140 feet long and 40 feet wide, so you won’t be crowded by other swimmers, ever.  That is a mean game of "Marco-Polo". 

There are three “cottages” on the property, if you consider 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and a kitchen a mere cottage. 
As we mentioned, this property was a foreclosure, and was on the market for over 2 years. 

What is crazy is that Donald did not even live in this estate during the time it was on the market; he resided at his Marlago golf course, which is west of A1A, with inferior views of the Ocean.

We are sure Trump's realtor heaved a heavy sigh of relief to sell the luxury property, they certainly did not want to be FIRED...(Sorry…you know we love our jabs).

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Day 2- Imagine Lifestyles Chicago- Trump Tower and Mercedes S550

So I woke up in the morning to the most gorgeous panoramic view of the Chicago River and skyline.  Trump International Hotel and Tower has forgotten no small detail.  I actually get to select a bottle of water from their "water bar"  called BLING.  After I drink it I see it costs $25.  What the hell, it’ll set the standard for the rest of my day. 

On my way out through the lobby, hotel concierge reiterated to me how excited they are to be able to promote our Chicago Luxury and Exotic car rental services.  Since we are the ONLY company in Chicago who will be providing these services, they are thrilled they finally get to meet their clients’ needs.  Today is going to be a long day as my goal is to acquire two luxury vehicles by close of the business day.