Sinus Recliner: Contemporary Chair by Cor Designs


Have a seat in the new Sinus chair by Cor Designs.  Reinhold Adolf and Hans-Jürgen Schröpfer have just updated the Sinus chair, which made its debut in 1976. The Sinus chair is a safe "retro" design element for anybody who still misses the 1970's. You do not need to resort to psychedelic color combinations or flower power, but rather use a subdued piece like the Sinus chair to make a retro theme more contemporary.

With swinging spring steel rockers and upholestry, the Sinus chair has a sedated opulence about it. The Sinus chair is available at Blue Train LLC, which is Cor's exclusive North American liaison. Delivered straight out of Miami, Florida. The Sinus chair comes with or without armrest and matching ottoman, with chrome framing, in either black or eggshell white. The chair has been a hot piece for the last three decades and if it could withstand the 1970's, 80's and 90's then its probably good to go for a few more decades. The only issue we have with the Sinus chair is its name, no one had anything better than Sinus chair really? As you probably know by now for quality you must pay. The Sinus chair is $10,000 and we envision the luxe recliner by Cor fitting perfectly into any contemporary space. 

Electrolux Brings Homes Into This Century

This is for the ultimate restuarant-goer who wants to grace the kitchen sometimes. Cooking isn't generally a glamorous affair but thanks to Electrolux your kitchen can, at least, look classier. The end result is a better house to entertain your guests with.

The Aurora is a chic induction cooktop that uses electromagnetic fields to transfer energy into heat. The surface is made of white patterned ceramic glass and the design is so sleek, think Apple Air Mac sleek. The Aurora features LED lighting that glows when in use and easy-to-use touch controls. The best part of the Aurora cooktop by Electrolux is that it's portable, you can move it around the kitchen for added space and convenience, or a great idea in a dual crossover room.  The Aurora by Electrolux won't turn you into a stay-at-home chef, the point is your kitchen will look classier, your house more modern and in trend with this century. The Aurora cooktop is $10,000 from Electrolux, think of it as a functional art investment. Electrolux has a plethora of other home appliances with edge, check them out for yourself.

On Top of the World: Luxury Homes

We have found a new book for your coffee table. The book is the latest edition in teNeues' Luxury series called Luxury Houses : Top of the World. The very, very best houses from around the world have been photographed in the hard cover. The houses are stunning, the real deal creme de la creme of the real estate world. They all have "stunning settings, sumptuous materials, and sophisticated architectural detailing and interiors." Plus, each house "offers a unique perspective on what's possible if both money and taste abound." These houses have been built with serious money in serious locations. Architects and the affluent aren't the only who will appreciate this book by John Smith. Check it out!


Finally A Good-looking Jacuzzi

The majority of jacuzzi's are pretty tacky-looking but we have found one that, miraculously, isn't. The Unique Base Jacuzzi by Carlo Urbinati is 21st century and sophisticated. The Unique Base Jacuzzi's name is fitting, it can be totally customized. The tub can be installed inside or out, built-in or floor standing, in any environment. Finally, freedom from those gross primitive tubs and less time consuming then having to design from scratch. From wood to mosaic laying, leather, or fabric, you can choose all parts on the Unique. Put one in the bathroom, on the deck or in the middle of the room if you want, the Unique Jacuzzi will help make it look good. Next time you come in from a hard ski, work-out, or day at work, you'll take a sumptuous soak and it won't seem so bad.  

Light It All Up: LED Hooks

Whatever glows is hot. Instead of adding lackluster hooks and hangersaround your house, opt for illuminated LED ones by Pallucco. Lighten up any room with a stellar effect. We suggest lining the LED hooks in a linear way for an artful light display. They come in red, black and white which is our favorite; white is always fresh and elegant.  You can either connect the hook to a main voltage for a wall on/off switch or go the batter powered route with 3 high-efficiency white LEDs. The hooks radiate a halo-like white light onto the wall and your battery will last for up to 60 hours. Each LED hook is $350, plus, $130 if you need the battery charger. Just something practical and pretty to think about for the house.

Get Your Head Straight: The Wonderment of Art Basel is Here

This week some 50,000 plus people will show up for the sixth annual Art Basel event in Miami. If you're not sure which hotels to frequent, parties to hit up or people to see, let us guide you towards your scene.

For the next-generation art amassers and John Currins of the world, hole-up downtown at the Four Seasons Hotel. You will be in good art collecting company with the likes of Jerry Speyer, Asher Edelman, Michael Lynne, Eli Broad, Beth Rudin De Woody, Steve Cohen, and Peter Brant. Go to the New Art Dealers Alliance fair, which opens this Friday through the weekend. The NADA fair will have stellar exhibits from hot young galleries like New York’s Rivington Arms and Daniel Reich. The fair will host a mega-benefit for the New Museum on New York’s Bowery, which will include a performance by San Fran- rockers Deerhoof. Art collector's should be seen at the after-party for the private screening of the Lou Reed film Berlin, directed by Julian Schnabel.

The actual artists will headquarter at the Raleigh Hotel which is party central. Don't look shocked if you see epic names of the art world like Damien Hirst, David LaChapelle, Jack Pierson, Aaron Young, Kehinde Wiley, Terence Koh, and Doug Aitken partying impromtu throughout the hotel. Paper Magazine is hosting the party at Raleigh Oasis on Decemeber 4th and the next night, Deitch Projects will kick off at the Raleigh with a concert by CoCo Rosie. The same night D.J Spooky will perform during the Rubell Family Collection dinner which commences the SCOPE fair film and lecture series. SCOPE celebrates the as-yet-uncelebrated and provocative artists, the fair has discounted exhibition space for new galleries in its ‘Breeders’ section. On December 6th, the Raleigh will hold the book launch party for Bob Colacello's OUT. Then on the 7th,Tamara Mellon will host a dinner at the Raleigh Ballroom to toast the limited edition handbags designed by Jimmy Choo and artist Richard Phillips.

If you're more into star gazing then gazing at art then join celebrities at the Setai Hotel, up the street from the Raleigh. Rumored to be in Miami this week is Dennis Hopper, David Byrne, Steve Martin, Lou Reed, maybe Keanu Reeves and Russell Simmons. We bumped into Russell Simmons and girlfriend/ model Porschia Coleman last Wednesday at Nobu. Russell told us he loves the Setai and is staying in town for his December 8th soiree with Allison Weiss Brady at Intermix. The party benefits Simmons' charity Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. A tip to the paparazzi, be at the Sotheby's dinner made by French chef Pierre Gagnaire which will honor contemporary Asian art.  Celebrities will also hide away in Lenny Kravitz's underground, speakeasy the Florida Room in the Delano Hotel.

The Fashionistas will takeover the Ritz-Carlton. Fashion people like Donna Karan, Laudomia Pucci, Vivienne Tam, Kenzo, Calvin Klein, Nadia Swarovski, and Tamara Mellon should be seen at the Cartier crystal Dome. The Cartier Dôme features the brand's most celebrated jewelry collection and rarest time pieces. Sip champagne and gawk at the gems from Wednesday to Sunday, 2-8pm and Thursday, 2-4pm. Spot fashion people frequenting Prime One Twelve, South of Fifth Street and Blade restaurant in the Fontainebleau Hotel.

Members of the suits like UBS’s Karl Schweizer; Citicorp’s Mary Hoeveler; execs of Campari, Cartier, and BMW will be working over the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Biscayne. Look for these high profile people at the UBS banquet where there will be tons of free food and drinks ya'll. You will be able to pick the suits out by the looks on their sad little facing saying, "can I afford this art and will I even be able to afford food next year?"

As for the locals, this is your domain so spread out and suck it in.  Over 200 galleries will be here personifying the biggest names in contemporary art.  The Art Positions section will features 20 art projects exhibited in shipping containers on the beach at Collins Park. Do not miss the Cartier Art Guest Lounge and Dome, designed by architecht Jean Nouvel. Definitely don't miss the Visionaire SOUND lounge at the Raleigh Hotel Thursday night, it will be one of the biggest parties of the week. You will be able to listen to audio works done by David Byrne, Robert Wilson, Cat Power, Cindy Sherman, U2, and Courtney Love. If your head is spinning that sucks, but get it together because there is much more than this going on. Like we said it's an epic week in Miami so we will say it again, get it together and get out there, explore the wonderment of Art Basel. Oh and drink up, liquor companies sponsor most events and it's on the house. 

Next Generation Television: The Sony Organic LED

The Sony Organic LED XEL-1 is the world's thinnest television and it has just been introduced to the States. The futuristic television is as thin as stacking just three credit cards together. The three millimeter width isn't the only reason to buy one.

 If you’re green, then know that Organic LED technology is 40% more efficient than LCD panels, plus there is no grotesque mercury used during the manufacturing process. The green luxury, light-emitting organic material eliminates the need for a backlight thus then end result is less energy. All the TV parts are organic, so when the set off, it uses absolutely no power as opposed to all older sets, which always have the backlight on.  We say buy and Organic LED and save a tree.

The price is totally reasonable at $2500 for an 11″ high definition screen. The new LED XEL-1's technology signifies the beginning of the end for old school LCDs and plasma screens. Buh bye older models, hello television of the future. By 2011 OLED's will most likely outsell LCD and plasma screens.

Besides just being ultra- thin the LED XEL-1 has a tilt screen for viewing from any angle. The Organic LED XEL-1 has a built-in memory stick slot, which means you can display and browse through your own photoes.The optional BRAVIA Link Modules make for compatibility with any of your digital devices. What's more, the award-winning Xross Media Bar menu navigation system allows for even the technologically-challenged to switch between expanded devises and setting with ease.  The picture contrast ration is 1,000,000:1 which make for the deepest black levels on the market today.

Thin is always in, jump on the trend so you're not outdated. T.V of the future, very cool, but the name not so much. The Sony Organic LED XEL-1 is just something else to keep in mind this holiday season, it will add a little something extra to any room.  

Functional Art for Your Home: Design Radius Wine Racks

If don't have a cavernous wine cellar in the basement, try a more modernistic and elegant approach. We found these minimalist Wine Racks by Michael Rösing of Design Radius.  The wine rack holds 12 wine bottles and or champagne bottles. We know 12 bottles doesn't really cut a collection, so buy several and hang them next to each other.  Fill your racks with a beautiful collection of bottles, show off a little and voile functional wall art.

The rack comes in brushed stainless steel or in powder coated steel in white or black finishes. The racks will make perfect housewarming or holiday gifts. The Wine Rack is $74 a piece which ensures it to be the cheapest art you ever buy.

Let it All Hang Out on the Beach: Takao Shiotsuka Atelier Beach House

A little love nest on the beach is just what architect Takao Shiotsuka Atelier of Japan has constructed. The white, more glass, beach house is just 237 sq. meters and 2 floors with an elevator. Don't underestimate the elfin house though, there is something incredibly intriguing about its minimalist design. Made mostly of huge glass walls, the house offers fantastic natural sunlight and views in. We appreciate the artful design. Its not for everyone but if you did want to live in this beach house it would be a pretty liberating life experience, when we said all glass we meant all glass including the bathrooms. Oh and not frosted glass, just the pure see through kind. At least you'll feel like one with nature but in a more luxurious space. Our only complaint is this mediocre beach, we would have loved to see this house built on some fierce tropical island full of palm trees and white sand.

Chill in the Rio Chair. Luxury Living at its best.

Luxury lounging is very literal thanks to the Oscar Neimeyer Rio chaise.  The futuristic looking lounger allows for maximum comfort with bentwood, leather pillows and weights. "Rio" Chaise was designed in the 1970's by using bentwood caning and leather materials.  Oscar Neimeyer, a Brazilian architect, is one of the top designers in modern architecture.   The Oscar Neimeyer Rio lounger would be a nice finish to any contemporary living space and it's all yours for $45,000.