Snag a $16k Ferrari!

For those who thought they could never afford a hypercar like a Ferrari, you still can’t. But for $16k you can straddle a Ferrari bicycle…which is still cheaper than a Ducati. The Ferrari CF8 road bike will get your heart racing in a different way than its track-searing car counterpart!

If a measly bike just won’t do it for you, you can always experience the cheek-flapping, heart-pounding power of the real thing for less than $2,000 with a Ferrari rental from Imagine Lifestyles!

Piano Man Opens A Motorcycle Shop

Billy Joel Motorcycle Shop

The guy who gave us radio standards like, “Piano man” and “Uptown girl” and “Only the good die young”—is now giving us...a custom and vintage motorcycle showroom on Long Island.  I wonder if Billy digs Ducati luxury motorbikes, they are some of the best on the market.

Ducati Motorcycle

Billy Joel, the piano pop star from the 70’s and 80’s has always been a favorite son of his native Long Island, and has often drawn from the characters he met there for many of his songs, but he has also always been…. a motorcycle guy.

Now he’s also a motorcycle shop owner.

Ducati’s Make the Big Screen in Wall Street Movie

For my movie buffs out there who also happen to be luxury motorbike fans, the movie ‘Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps’ features two Ducati D16RR’s.  These are rare superbikes, only 1500 were made by Ducati for the retail market. 

Ducati branded each of the 1500 D16RR motorcycles with a special number to differentiate them all, which is another thing that makes them special, aside from their exclusive status.   So it is cool that two of these Ducati bikes made it onto the big screen.Ducati D16RR Superbikes

It seems the luxury bike company has been on a bit of a PR mission lately, donating two Ducati Multistradas to the Pope for his personal motorcade, and starring on the big screen.  Money never sleeps, and neither does Ducati.  That is fine with me, if it is fast and expensive, it has my attention, and Ducati makes amazing motorcycles.

Pope Benedict XVI Blessed with Two Ducati Multistradas

Well, Ducati seems to have found a way to buy their way into heaven, by gracing Pope Benedict XVI with not one, but two Multistrada super bikes. What the hell? Pardon my French, but what is the Pope going to do with two awesome luxury motorcycles?  Insert jealousy.

Apparently they are for Pope Benedict XVI’s official security motorcade, you know, to protect him in the event that his deity fails to do so. Two Ducati Multistradas should certainly be able to evasively maneuver around the Pope’s motorcade, as the superbikes are agile and wicked fast. 

Pope Ducati

Not something you see daily

Most Expensive: The $700,000 Dodge Tomahawk Superbike

Attention motorcycle lovers, for approximately the cost of two supercars (say a Ferrari F430 Spider and a shiny new Aston Martin), you can have one Dodge Tomahawk V10 superbike. 

Price estimates range from $500,000 to $700,000.  I am not certain who I believe, as both figures are astronomical for a motor bike, but it did make Business Week’s list of ‘Most Expensive Stuff of 2010”.  So what do you get for over half a million dollars?  Save a bit more and you could have a Bugatti, just sayin.