Video: Epic Ferrari Crash at Le Mans 24-Hour Race

Racing exotic cars is all about proving which competitor packs the most power, speed and fury. And for spectators, it is all of the above plus the exhilaration of epic car crashes! I think this phenomenon occurs for spectators because watching drivers race lacks the same adrenaline as gripping the wheel, but a crash is experienced by all.

Le Mans crash 2012

Vertical vertigo

Why The Nissan DeltaWing Cannot Win Le Mans

Nissan’s futuristic racing concept, the DeltaWing, is certainly in a class of one in Le Mans…except, it can’t win. With a telltale “0” displayed on each side, the DeltaWing is not a competitive exhibition racecar in the luxury racing event.

It may not be permitted to compete, but the DeltaWing concept does get the benefit of extreme exposure at the big race, flaunting its stuff in the mix of top players!

Nissan DeltaWing

“Garage 56″ spot at Le Mans is reserved for the Nissan DeltaWing

Ferrari Auctioning Amazing F1 Items to Benefit Italy Quake Victims–Ends June 20th!

Ferrari is stepping up to assist victims of the recent earthquake in Italy by auctioning off some amazing F1 items for their benefit! With two massive earthquakes shaking things up in the country over the past few months, the luxury brand is showing a decidedly human side by offering its assistance during this tragic time. The most recent quake forced major luxury carmakers to halt operations temporarily.

Ferrari Earthquake benefit auction items

The Ferrari Earthquake benefit auction includes some incredible items!

Bloodhound Rocket Car to Destroy the 1,050-Mile Per Hour Markā€¦and the Sound Barrier

bloodhound Rocket Car

British engineers have been working hard toward developing the first car to break the 1,000-mile per hour marker.  The project car is called the Bloodhound SSC, and is set to overtake the current land speed record-holder, the Thrust SSC, who holds the record for traveling at 766 miles per hour.  Sounds crazy dangerous, I will stick to my slower, safer and sexier exotic rental cars Miami!

Tramontana Fuses Formula 1 Racing and Fighter Jet for Ultimate Exotic Car

Tramontana Luxury Cars

If you haven’t heard of Tramontana, they are an independent European luxury car maker in Costa Brava, Spain, who manufacture the exclusive Tramontana exotic car.  The Tramontana is a mesh of a Formula 1 racecar and a fighter jet, handmade with the precision of a surgeon.

Powered by a twin-turbocharged V12 engine kicking out 720 horses, the entirety of the exotic car is comprised of only the finest luxury materials (think carbon fiber).  This would make an exhilarating exotic rental car, especially on the track!  The entire bodywork is carbon fiber, making it a lightweight, lustworthy speed-demon…the only thing missing are wings!  The luxurious carbon fiber drips into the cabin, total eye candy.