Grand Am Ferrari 458 Gives Manhattan a Wake-Up Call!

Ferrari 458

New York City is famous for its street side lifestyle, from exotic food vendors to luxury shopping and designer goods…and also a Grand Am Ferrari 458 at the World Trade Center! Ferrari treated New York to a revving 458 Italia to celebrate a recent victory: Nabbing the driver’s and manufacturer’s titles in the 2012 Rolex Grand-Am GT Sports Car Series championship.

How could anyone be irritated by a Ferrari 458 wake-up call? There are certainly worse ways to awaken!

Aim Autosport team FXDD took up position outside of 7 World Trade center in lower Manhattan and proceeded to show-off a bit of what the Ferrari 458 has to offer by smoking tires and providing an auto acoustic extravaganza. I am certain very few New Yorkers were disgruntled by this wake-up call! The team added to the excitement by donning their racing suits. read more