Labor Day 2010-No Sleep Till Miami!

This Labor Day weekend things will be scorching as usual in South Florida, especially Miami!  For those of you looking for a hot weekend slam packed with hot celebs and events, look no further than ‘No Sleep Till Miami’, a music infused event being held September 1st-5th in Miami Beach.

Luxury Yacht Charters Offer Unparalleled Way to Experience South Florida

Not only is South Florida flocked to by scads of tourists annually, it also happens to lay claim to the title of the ‘yachting capital of the East coast’.  With hundreds of miles of intercoastal waterways weaving throughout the lower corner of the Sunshine state, it is also lovingly referred to as the Venice of the United States.  So what does that mean for you?

Yes, with plenty of dock space, luxury waterfront hotels, inlets and waterways to explore, South Florida draws in mega yachts, luxury yachts, sport yachts, boats and many other vessels from all over the world.  South Florida is also just a short jaunt to the Bahamas, a popular tourist attraction and the Florida Keys.

South Florida Hotel Industry on the Upswing

It seems that South Florida has something to feel good about, other than the constant sunshine and marbled Atlantic coastline!  The local hotel industry is reporting increases for the first time in a while, which should help to bolster the economy.

The economic downturn, depression, however you prefer to label the financial catastrophe that has rocked the entire globe and changed so many lives seems to be retreating somewhat.  The South Florida Business Journal has reported that local hoteliers are experiencing higher occupancy rates, figures that are surely needed.

Recent national events deserve a nod of gratitude for this increase, such as the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, Food Network’s South Beach Food & Wine Festival, FASHIONmiami and other luxury events that attract guests to our sandy shores and into our plethora of hotels, residences and luxury condos.

LeBron’s Relocation Revamping Miami Luxury Real Estate and Restaurant Pricing?

After much fuss and hype, 25-year-old NBA star LeBron James has opted to make Miami his new home.  Now that the decision has been made, some feel the effects are being seen around the city already, in the form of price fluctuations.LeBron James Chooses Miami

Yes, LeBron’s departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers met with much opposition, as he turned his decision making process into a reality show of sorts, choosing to don the Miami Heat jersey in the end.  Now that LeBron will be joining us in sunny South Beach and Miami, some feel that real estate and restaurant pricing is changing slightly. 

Ask Imagine: Culinary Cues

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

Hey, my name is Alex and my friends and I will be visiting Miami Beach for 4 nights over my May break. We go at least once every year so I know the place very well, but for some strange reason I can't seem to decide the restaurants I want to go to this year.

I plan on making a reservation at Prime Italian and Michael's Genuine, however, I can’t figure out anything else.  I was thinking maybe Cuban with a modern, high-end twist? 

I’m not really interested in going to Nobu this year, and I’ve never really been too interested in Barton G. If you were in Miami for 4 nights and could eat at any 4 restaurants what would they be? I trust Imagine Lifestyle’s Taste! 


Alex, New York

Ask Imagine: Girl’s Weekend in South Beach

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

Hello!  My boyfriend and I have rented one of your Lamborghinis in the past, and we loved every minute!  In a couple of weeks my girlfriends and I are coming down from New York for an all-girls weekend.  While we will not be renting a car this time, we would like your opinion on where to stay, where to dine and definitely where to party.

We want to stay in a luxury hotel with an ocean view, a spa and a fitness center.  Those are the “must haves” on our list; any other amenities will be considered bonuses.  What hotel do you suggest for a girls weekend?


Alexis, New York

Ask Imagine: Culinary Curiosity

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I read your luxury blog daily and love the variety of information you provide, especially the luxury restaurant tips for our area. 

That is actually how I discovered your blog, I had been searching for restaurants in Miami that I may not be aware exist, and found your blog about Nobu Sushi.  The added bonus is that you also cover exotic cars, which I love nearly as much as exotic food.  The content variety is awesome and a nice lunchtime read for me at the office.

Anyways, I am writing to get your take on the South Beach Food and Wine Festival this weekend, is it something to just stop by, or to plan on devoting the entire weekend to? 

Thanks guys you are awesome,
Tomas, South Beach

Star-Studded South Beach Wine & Food Festival Approaches

If you live or are planning to be in the Miami area this weekend, the 2010 Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by Food & Wine is on.  The Wine & Food festival will take place Thursday, February 25 through Sunday, February 28th.  Read on to find out why it is a “can’t miss”.

Some of the most well-respected and recognized industry principals will again congregate in Miami Beach to educate and entertain the thousands of fans of this annual event. 

Luxury Hotels: Gansevoort vs. Shoreclub South Beach

Shoreclub South BeachSouth Beach is famed for its excess, lifestyle and its luxury hotels.  Today we will explore and compare the luxurious Gansevoort South Beach with the (equally?) exotic Shoreclub South Beach. 

Both luxury South Beach hotels are oceanfront.  Both are considered upscale, decadent and indulgent.  You can enjoy a delicious upscale culinary adventure at both.  The differences will lie in the types of cuisine, the vibe of the bar areas, the spa, amenities and of course, the accommodations.  So let’s compare.