Alfa Plays Up the Romeo: The 8C Competizione Heart-Throb

Italy is known for producing iconic exotic cars…but could the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione be the most beautiful? Alfa has a solid reputation for playing Romeo…and by that I mean melting hearts with the metal eye-candy they unleash.

Alfa Romeo 8C

Following a few decades of wedge-shaped Ferraris and Lamborghinis, the 8C Competizione was a definite curve ball!

WTH: A Hybrid Bugatti Veyron Successor?

The Bugatti badge is synonymous with unimaginable speed and prestige…and rumors are igniting that someday it may be dubbed as a luxury hybrid as well! Unbelievably--the next Veyron could emerge as a hybrid supercar.

Bugatti Hybrid

Who says a 1,000+ horsepower hypercar has to hemorrhage fuel?

Pebble Beach 2012 Preview

It is almost that time again---time to indulge in the latest exotic auto offerings at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance! Just once per year, on the third Sunday in August, hundreds of prized collector automobiles and motorbikes rev up the 18th fairway at Pebble Beach. This year, the luxury car event lands on August 19th.

Pebble Beach auto show

"The best car show in the world."– Jay Leno

A 4-Door Lamborghini Aventador

The Aventador transformed the Lamborghini sports car into an epic hypercar, claiming numerous accolades along the way. Now, on the heels of its huge success, there are the inevitable auto rumors—with the wildest of all being murmurings of a 4-door Aventador!

Lamborghini Aventador

We take the sedan-style Lamborghini Aventador rumor with a grain of salt and a splash of imagination. When something seems impossible---the Ferrari FF comes to mind!

Secret Aston Martin Concept Caught Sans Camouflage!

Luxury car brands are typically good at making amazing exotics…and keeping the concept cars under wraps until the right auto show springs up! Lucky for us, they do sometimes slip, like Aston Martin recently, when the cover slipped from the next model! This is rumored to be the DB9 replacement with quite a few alterations and a name switch.

Aston Martin

The DB9 replacement shall resemble the AM310 concept, but may carry on the Vanquish name

Bentley to Unveil New Model at Goodwood

With the Goodwood Festival of Speed coming up at the end of June, Bentley has announced it will take the opportunity to introduce its latest model during the festivities. Now there is even more to look forward to--along with the Flying B running up the hill, historical models, road and racing cars!

Goodwood Festival of Speed

This festival attracted over 180,000 auto fanatics last year!

A Maserati Concept With Alfa Design Cues and Ferrari Engine–Is this Alderaan?

Maserati is a highly recognizable brand thanks to a hugely successful past and a body style that has endured the test of time--with the exception of the Maserati SUV! Rumblings igniting around the auto community point to an all-new GranSport with a wildly different approach to design aesthetics geared toward change!

Alfa Romeo 4c

Perhaps this concept is a statement to those that think Maserati has gone soft? While there is no photo just yet, some say the next GranSport will rival the popular Alfa 4C, pictured above

Those Crazy Italian Supercars: Meet the 2013 Puritalia 427

Italy is known for two things: delectable cuisine and extreme hypercars. But did you know that Lamborghini and Ferrari are not the only superstar supercars to hail from Italy? There are the usual suspects-- Pagani, Maserati and DeTomaso, but there is also an emerging start-up exotic carmaker revving things up---Puritalia!

Puritalia 427

Puritalia 427 teaser