BMW Zagato Roadster Showing Off at Pebble Beach

BMW joined the scores of show offs at Pebble Beach recently, touting the hot new Zagato roadster to eager onlookers! And am I ever so glad they showed up! Designed to be more aggressive and masculine than its predecessors, the show-stopping Zagato is a bold and fresh change of pace for the typically traditional automaker. When some think of the word, the Aston Martin V12 Zagato may come to mind. That is because the design geniuses at Zagato had a hot helping hand in that glorious project as well!

BMW Zagato at Pebble Beach

The BMW Zagato Roadster displayed on the ‘Concepts lawn’ at Pebble Beach.

BMW Takes Direct Approach Online

In an unusual move, BMW is offering online discounts for those wishing to purchase the new ‘i’ sub-brand vehicles. This is a unique and bold move in the luxury auto industry, which typically leaves these endeavors to the dealerships.


A direct online sales platform for BMW’s new I sub-brand

Sneak Preview & Details: 2012 New York International Auto Show Starts This Week!

The New York Auto Show is finally around the corner! This marks the 113th year for the prestigious auto show, which is slated for April 6th-15th, 2012 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center on 11th Ave between 34th & 40th streets.
Mercedes SL65 AMG
Mercedes SL65 AMG

Top 10 Luxury Car Concepts for 2015—Which Will Slam the Pedal Down Toward Production?

While the juicy details are just a guess at this juncture, here are the top 10 luxury cars we hope to see emerge by 2015! The future of our fleet of luxury rental vehicles certainly looks bright judging by the exterior styling concepts and emerging powertrain technologies.

Lotus City Car
10. Lotus City Car

BMW X1 Crossover Coming to New York

BMW AG has announced intentions to officially unveil the new BMW X1 crossover vehicle at the New York International Auto Show on April 4th. Previously unavailable in the United States, the X1 will arrive with a complete makeover for its new market. Would the X1 crossover make a good addition to our fleet of BMW rentals? Comment below!

BMW X1 crossover

The updated and upgraded BMW X1 will hit U.S. showrooms in summer of 2012

BMW Delivers the First ActiveE Stateside

BMW is known for superior engineering, and that includes pushing the pedal down toward the creation of luxury hybrid cars. The brand has just delivered its first ActiveE electric baby in the United States, setting the tone for a greener future. When it comes to hybrid technology, it seems that people either embrace it or reject it faster than Snookie can manage to intoxicate and embarrass herself in a bar. Either way, the technology is advancing and likely here to stay.

BMW ActiveE

BMW ActiveE

That Crazy 2015 BMW i8

Another BMW i8 prototype has been spied, likely the 2015 version! The i8 began popping up back in 2009, and is certainly a work in progress that has somehow endured over the years. BMW has been using the i8 luxury car concept to demonstrate the possibilities of their unique LifeDrive architecture, which is a composite body/passenger cell mated to a powertrain unit.

BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW to Electrify 2011 Miami Art Basel

One of our favorite luxury auto brands, BMW, is poised to create a jolt at this year’s Miami Art Basel with the BMW i luxury hybrid car! BMW is to support the 10th annual eclectic event, perhaps the most prestigious annual event to hit our shoreline from December 1st-4th, 2011. So how exactly does the brand intend to up the ante this year?
For the fans, clear your schedule for Friday, December 2nd and attend BMW’s “The Future of Design & Sustainability” event, where you can absorb the details of the BMW i electric car and a tasty cocktail. There will be an exclusive press event with Benoit Jacob during that time!

2011 Miami Art Basel
According to BMW’s Head of Brand Management, Dr. Uwe Ellinghaus,