Ferrari Composite Chassis for Hybrid Model Unveiled

Ferrari composite chassis

The 2013 Ferrari FF is not the only news the brand has in store this year!  Plans for a new Ferrari composite chassis for a hybrid has emerged, drumming up excitement and anticipation for what the overall finished product may look like! Hey, if they can make a hatchback look decent, there should be little problem crafting a robust and sporty hybrid model!

The goal is the perfect Ferrari composite chassis. The brand may have accomplished the feat with four different types of carbon fiber and a bit of Kevlar! read more

How to Obliterate a World Record: Just Add 1000 Ferrari Supercars (Video)

England was recently overtaken by a seemingly endless stampede of Prancing Horses, courtesy of the fine folks at Ferrari! The luxury event occurred at Silverstone racetrack–where 964 Ferrari owners effectively obliterated the previous World record for the largest single gathering of Ferrari supercars. The previous record of the stabled horses stood at 490 cars at Japan’s Fuji Speedway circuit in 2008. That trumped the 385 record Ferrari parade in 2007. Fix your eyes on nearly 1000 Ferrari supercars in the same place at the same time…video at bottom of post! read more