New BMW Advertising Campaign Targets Emotion—Joy

Luxury car mogul BMW has gone in a decidedly expressive direction with their latest rebranding strategyJoy is BMW Rebranding , targeting the emotion of joy.  Dubbed and “Joy is BMW” and “Uniquely BMW”, the new campaign is drastically different than its predecessors.  Let’s analyze it.

Far from the engine revving masculine dignity we are accustomed to, BMW has produced a Ralph Lauren-esque video featuring happy people of all ages driving their BMW’s in the sunshine, hair blowing in the breeze.  It is obvious their target market is expanding.

Top 5 Luxury SUV’s for the Fall

The leaves are changing, and so should your wheels!  Autumn is the perfect time to bust out a new SUV, or luxury truck and indulge off the beaten paths.  We at Imagine Lifestyles have put together a list of our top five luxury trucks for fall of 2010, to help you jump-start the decision making process!  Our picks are as follows:

The Incredible Hulk…BMW Flexes its Environmentally Green Specs

Lou Ferrigno the Incredible HulkIn just a couple of weeks, the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show is scheduled to take place, launching a mix of new motor trends for people to wrap their brains around and chatter about.  Among those featured will be the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept, set to join its siblings, the BMW ActiveHybrid models-the X6 and X7.  BMW will be showcasing its new ActiveHybrid technology as part of its initiatives to rollout the green carpet.