Video: LaFerrari Vs Standard Bugatti Veyron

When the Bugatti Veyron first emerged it was an unprecedented offering bursting with over 1,000 horses. Now it seems the reign of the Veyron is coming to a close right alongside its production, as the next breed of hybrid supercars are born. Watch the clip below showing the aggressive new LaFerrari superhybrid stomp a standard Bugatti Veyron with fewer horses in its stable:

LaFerrari Vs Standard Bugatti Veyron 

The LaFerrari hybrid is packing 950 Prancing Horses to the 1,001 of the Bugatti Veyron. Each car has its perks and glitches, areas like curb weight and suspension can make all of the difference in a drag race like this one. LaFerrari tips the scales at a scant 3,000 pounds while the dense Veyron is a full 1,000 pounds heavier. That seems surprising because most assume that with the added battery and component weight associated with a hybrid would automatically be heavier than a regular gasoline engine. read more

Awestruck: Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 Transformed Into Rally Car

Aston Martin rally car

High performance aftermarket tuning endeavors have churned out an agressive gas-guzzling gem: Behold the Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 rally car. Makela Auto Tuning of Finland is the brains behind the project.

Just an Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 completely morphed into a rally car, no big deal. 

The only thing that could make this cooler is if Ken Block blasted around an obstacle course in it with a Go Pro strapped onto his face. Makela completed the Aston Martin rally car project in time to race in the Arctic Lapland Rally event in the new R-GT class. The R-GT division was created just last year for 2-wheel drive production based GT cars–That is right, she is still RWD. Makela tuning has also built vintage rally Ferrari cars, racing style Porsches and more. read more

2015 McLaren and Ferrari F1 Cars to Make Debut in Days

Ferrari F1

Ferrari will be touting the new Formula One car online on January 30th, 2015. What will the next-gen Ferrari F1 look and feel like? It will come out on the heels of the McLaren F1 beast, set to roll out on the 29th powered by Honda.

The next Ferrari F1 car is coming out in days, along with McLaren’s offering. It is gearing up to be a powerful racing season for all competing teams. 

This Ferrari F1 racer will take the place of the outgoing Ferrari F14T car and have 4-time Formula One champion driver Sebastian Vettel behind the wheel. Vettel signed over from Red Bull racing to Ferrari in a move that captured audiences worldwide. read more

Mazda MX-5 Cup Series Communicates Goals at SEMA 2014

Mazda MX-5 Cup Series

The Mazda MX-5 Cup Series car showed off its stuff at the annual SEMA gathering in Las Vegas this year. Is this mini-wonder gearing up toward success in the racing arena? When it comes to the Miata…or…the MX-5…t is either adored or scorned. Luckily, looks do not matter much in racing, so most will have to agree that if it is simplified with lightness, it stands a chance.

The Mazda MX-5 Cup Series is geared toward uniformity in racing.

The MX-5 Cup Series will emerge in 2016 and the front-runner is to be the 4th generation MX-5 car. Some compare the aesthetics of this model to a sort of mini F-Type, which is a welcome departure from the overdone Miata styling. So what does the brand have in store for the MX-5 Cup Series? Managing executive officer of global sales Masahiro Moro shed some light on the subject: “We are excited to take the elements of success of the existing Mazda MX-5 Cup Series and introduce them to a new global audience. It has long been our goal to see Mazda fans around the world competing in identical MX-5s, and the launch of the 2016 MX-5 Miata is the perfect time to make this goal a reality.” read more

Saleen Has $7k But Owes $7 Million: Is it Sayonara?

Saleen s7

It seems that sometimes not even a household name and amazing product can save a company from financial ruin. Automotive brand Saleen is on the verge of sayonara unless an infusion of money turns up soon, according to the company’s investor site. It is strange to think of such a well-known player being hit so hard.

Will Saleen find a savior or is it sayonara?

Saleen is behind so many amazing vehicles since the 1980s, including Bumblebee and Barricade from the Transformers flicks. The S5 Raptor, S7, and a variety of aftermarket mods are all thanks to Saleen. The aftermarket performance division of Saleen is responsible for custom exhausts, wheels, brakes, turbochargers and mad tweaks on many different vehicles. So how did the company find itself with just $7,261 dollars to its name? read more

Liberty Walk at SEMA: Best Tuned Lamborghini Aventador?

The Liberty Walk Aventador teasers have been out since early summer–and the real deal at the 2014 SEMA show was certainly not a letdown! The teasers of the tuned Lamborghini Aventador were shown in an aggressive red. The model at the show was sporting a more attractive powder blue hue, which most adored over the louder red. The wide body kit looks spectacular on the often-tuned Lamborghini Aventador.

The video clip above shows the Liberty Walk Aventador spitting some flames at Newport Beach. Warning: You may want to watch it twice–she is a nice lady. read more

The BMW M6 Gears Up for GT Racing Awesomeness


Renderings of a potential BMW M6 GT3 car are out there and they are looking good. Should the BMW Z4 GT3 be left in the dust for an M6 racing future? Some say not so fast, others could not be more pleased at the possibility.

Not only is the newcomer easy on the eyes, it is on the fast track to becoming a finished product. Testing for the BMW M6 GT3 is to commence as early as 2015 and deliveries could be as early as 2016. What will this model contribute to motorsports? Let’s check out the challenge: read more

Man Crashes Land Speed Racer at 370 MPH, Walks Away!

There has to be a stronger word for ‘shock’. George Poteet crashed his land speed racer, Speed Demon, at 370 miles per hour and simply climbed out of the wreckage unscathed! Check out the video below:

This video shows the high-speed land speed racer shooting through the Bonneville Salt Flats. The camera shows the crash from the cockpit. Poteet hit speeds of 370+, and then you can see the vehicle just seem to shred apart. He is a lucky son of a gun!

The accident occurred at the Bonneville Salt Flats during the Drag Week events. Poteet was there racing his prized Speed Demon land speed vehicle. It is difficult to tell exactly what caused the loss of control. The salt flats are a popular destination for high-speed races because of the vast space available, which is necessary to achieve insane speeds. To get a better idea of the sheer power possessed by the machine, check out the specifications below. read more

The Renaultsport R.S. 01 Racer Revealed

Renaultsport R.S. 01

What do you get when you blend the performance of a Renault 3.5 with the aesthetics of the Renault DeZir concept? The Renaultsport R.S. 01 has been created specifically to compete in motorsport, and was revealed recently at the Moscow Motor Show. Let’s take a closer look at this beast.

The Renaultsport R.S. 01 at a glance:

  • Power is derived from a 3.8-liter V6 twin-turbocharged engine. It is a version of the one from the potent Nissan GT-R.
  • This Renault produces 493bhp, placing it within reasonable standards to race.
  • The chassis is an extremely lightweight carbon monocoque. Total weight for it is around 1,100kg.
  • Roll cage and 150-liter fuel capacity, double wishbone suspension and carbon brakes. Sweet.
  • Top speed is estimated around 186 miles per hour, so it is not a threat to the Bugatti Veyron or Hennessey Venom GT.
  • Rather than working toward speed records, Renault is hitting the racing circuit. It will compete in the Renaultsport Trophy in 2015, part of the World Series. The company is gearing the R.S. 01 to be a “Springboard for the professional GT and endurance championships.”
  • The design is by Laurens van den Acker, VP of Design at Renault.

The Renault DeZir concept is shown above in red.

The Renault DeZir concept emerged in 2010. Opinions on the car vary, as is natural, but the design cues carried on will likely be embraced. That is because they are not too drastic from the popular supercars on the roads today. read more

Photo Gallery: The Vorseiner Lamborghini Aventador LP700 Kit is Legit


Aftermarket specialist Vorseiner crafted a body kit for the vicious LP700. The Vorseiner Lamborghini Aventador kit replaces certain accent panels with carbon fiber, accentuating the curvaceous lady.

You could consider the Vorseiner Lamborghini Aventador kit a way to murder it out in carbon fiber.

This green looks sick, as would any number of colors. This kit is the Skittles.

Those purchasing this Aventador kit would likely end up coating the cockpit in carbon as well.

The addiction to carbon fiber is real.  Front angle. read more