The Most Expensive Real Estate Listing in Chicagoland’s History

Do you need new a home? Are you looking to buy in the Chicagoland area? Well you’re in luck. There are many high-end properties on the market. Here are the top 5 most expensive real estate listings on the market right now.

1. Le Grande Reve, Winnetka

Le Grande Winnetka

Currently, Le Grande is the highest real estate listing and is the most expensive listing in Chicagoland’s history. For $28 million, you can buy this 6-bedrooms, 8-bathroom, 27,000 square foot mansion that features a two-story, Tiffany-dome rotunda.

The Most Expensive Parking Spot–$225,000!

Manhattan Parking

As the premier source for luxury living, we at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals are accustomed to the obscenely expensive, but some things even make our jaws drop and our bank accounts sweat. Like the fact that a Manhattan parking spot costs about the same as a brand new Ferrari, Lamborghini, or other member of our fleet of New York exotic rental cars!  Yes, that is just for a parking spot, luxury car not included.

Too Expensive for LeBron James: $60 Million Dollar Miami Mansion

Video: Most Expensive Miami Mansion

Ok, so the statement that the $60 million dollar Miami mansion is too expensive for LeBron James is a rumor, but the price tag is quite factual (and LeBron is doing alright for himself in Miami).  Listed by The Jills, this Miami luxury property is the highest priced property ever listed in Miami-Dade County, and even the Lady herself would go Gaga over the spread!  Let’s just hope she does not end up in her egg on the manicured front lawn...I feel that one of our exotic rental cars Miami style would be more appropriate out front.

Rent a Room in a Mansion for $600 on Craigslist? Luxury Property Rental Recovery

The economic downturn, recession, whatever term you choose to use, has certainly taken its toll on the masses-even the wealthy.  In an interesting twist, desperate individuals are renting out rooms in their mansions, some for as low as $600 per month!  Luxury property rentals and mansion rentals at that price are unheard of, until now!  Imagine hypercars and exotic rental cars available for what seems like pennies!

Brian Tuttle Rents Mansion Rooms Craigslist

The trend of renting out rooms in luxury properties and mansions is sweeping across America, as the property owners struggle to keep the banks at bay, essentially transforming their luxe pads into little more than boarding houses or hostels.  How does this phenomenon operate?

The Multi-Billion Dollar Sinking City?

Designed to dazzle as the ultimate luxury property possession, Dubai Islands ‘The World’ are gradually sinking back into the sea, according to some.  This is not stellar news to the many who have sunk considerable collateral into the fantasy world.   Yes, shockingly, evidence has been presented to a property tribunal that the man-made islands fashioned like the countries of the world are surrendering the sea, due to deterioration and erosion.

Dubai World Islands

Ferrari World Set to Be Sold 3 Months After Opening

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

In a shocking move, Abu Dhabi’s biggest commercial and real estate developer, Aldar Properties, is set to sell Ferrari World, the luxurious car-themed amusement park, less than three months after its grand opening.  Rumors are circulating that Ferrari World will be sold to the government in efforts to pay down debts.

Chicago Adds Another Luxury Hotel

Chicago To Get Another Luxury Hotel

330 N. Wabash will soon be home to another luxury hotel in downtown Chicago.  Langham Hotels and Resorts has partnered with Oxford Capital Group to purchase the new property.  The hotel is expected to have a final price tag of around $100 million.  The building had been empty since 2006 and used to house IBM’s Midwest operations.  The new hotel will occupy about 40 floors of the building and is set to open in 2012.  I am sure you will see some Chicago exotic car rentals parked out front of this uber luxury hotel. 

330 N. Wabash

The building is one of the city’s most architecturally significant buildings due to the fact that famous architect, Mies van der Rohe, originally designed it.  Located right next to the newly built Trump Tower, the hotel will have plenty of competition when it opens its’ doors.  It will feature 330 rooms and suites, which will be some of the largest hotel rooms offered in the city of Chicago. 

Chicago’s Top 5 Neighborhoods

Top 5 Chicago Neighborhoods

Chicago has always been considered by many residents to have a neighborhood feel that provides a small town touch to such a large, urban city.  Don’t be surprised to hear most residents claim that their particular neck of the woods is by far the best place in Chicago to live regardless of what neighborhood they reside in.  Chicagoans have a great sense of pride in where they live, often due to the culture and history provided by each neighborhood.  Below you will find Imagine Lifestyles’ Five favorite neighborhoods in Chicago.  We are not just evaluating each neighborhoods by the luxury cars sitting in the driveway as we all know the vehicle could be a Chicago luxury car rental.  This was not an easy task and we hope no one is offended if your neighborhood is left off because in all honesty we love all of Chicago. 

1. River North
2. Lakeview
3. Logan Square
4. Gold Coast
5. West Loop

Michael Jordan Builds A Monster

Michael Jordan Upgrades His Sleeping Arrangements

When you are the greatest basketball player ever and one of the most recognized athletes on the planet apparently you also develop a unique taste for real estate.  It also helps to have $20 million dollars at your disposal to create your newest dream home located just blocks away from Tiger Woods; palatial estate.  Located in Jupiter, FL, Michael Jordan’s new home is just what you would expect from the former Chicago Bull.  Located on Jack Nicklaus’ world famous Bear’s Club golf course, this mansion is built for a man who we all thought already had everything.  Playing 36 holes a day for this uber-competetive individual just got even easier though, and he can probably reserve a tee time pretty easily with a little name-dropping at the clubhouse. 

Michael Jordan's House

This 28,000 square-foot monster has the usually basketball court, workout facility, guest house, and even a cigar-friendly entertainment room.  No home would be complete in Florida without the pool either but Jordan went one step further with his own pool house included.  With 11 total bedrooms, Imagine Lifestyles is eagerly awaiting an invitation to come play some ball and bronze poolside with the man himself.  We will even bring our own cigars MJ!