Imagine Lifestyles visits 97.5 Fantasy Fest 2017

We here at Imagine Lifestyles love to have a good time. That’s why we had to say yes when the opportunity came for us to put our cars on display at the 97.5 Fantasy Fest in Philadelphia. The Fantasy Fest  was held on August 27th 2017 at Xfinity Live in Philadelphia, and brought together one of the biggest parties that venue has seen all year!

Take a look at our video recap!

Special thanks to Tom Messenger for his support creating this video:

Winning a Luxury Car Rental Just Went All Mainstream: 5 Steps to Enter!

 Instagram contest

Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals is at it again—giving away a free luxury car rental! This time we are taking to Instagram under #want2rent, because it is where the photos of you and your supercar experience will end up anyhow, #amiright? Let’s get straight to how you win our Instagram contest:

Just 5 easy steps stand between you and the shot to spend an unforgettable day with a free luxury car rental (that is right—it is all on us!):

Once you have completed that easy task, the contestants with the most likes per month shall become the victorious one and get treated to a luxury rental car for a day! read more

Maserati Berlinetta is Maserati of the Centenary

Maserati Berlinetta

Maserati now has 100 years of automotive magnificence to celebrate. To commemorate that endeavor, the Maserati Berlinetta has been officially crowned the ‘Maserati of the Centenary’. The A6 GCS/53 Maserati Berlinetta has been selected to represent the unmistakable marks of both beauty and longevity the brand has imprinted upon the industry thus far.

The Maserati of the Centenary: The A6 GCS/53 Maserati Berlinetta. The nice lady is a fitting selection to represent 100 years of Maserati because of her traditional appearance, nod to racing and Pininfarina pinnings.  read more

Lamborghini Teases New Model Ahead of Paris Auto Show


Lamborghini currently sells only two models: The Lamborghini Aventador and the all-new Lamborghini Huracan. The Aventador is the beast of the brand, powered by a V12 engine kicking out 700+ horsepower, while the Huracan has pulled up to replace the flagship Gallardo with a V10. Now Lamborghini is hinting at a new model, possibly to be unveiled at the 2014 Paris Auto Show this October.

So far, all we have to go on is this tiny sketch, which could hardly be considered a rough draft. They know how to keep fans anticipating the next reveal.  read more

The 2014 Gumball 3000 ‘Miami to Ibiza’ Rally is Approaching

2014 Gumball 3000

The 2014 Gumball 3000 Rally is kicking off in beautiful South Beach this year! Geared up to top even last year’s itinerary, the annual rally will scale some amazing locations and the Atlantic Ocean this year to bring exotic sports cars and fans together for the benefit of charity and adrenaline.

The route for the Gumball 3000 Rally this year is simply amazing! It begins in sunny Miami and ends in Ibiza, Spain.

Without further ado, here is the official schedule for the 2014 Gumball 3000 ‘Miami to Ibiza’ Rally: read more

What Are You Driving Super Bowl Week? Book an Exotic Rental Car Today!

Super Bowl exotic car rental

If you are one of the lucky ones holding a coveted ticket to the 2014 Super Bowl in New Jersey, now is the time to compliment that luxury with an exotic rental car from Imagine Lifestyles. We are thrilled that the excitement will be in our backyard, and our fleet is going fast for the week, including our chauffeur and concierge services. We want to see all of our luxury cars on the roadways that week!

Have you reserved a sports car rental for the Super Bowl? Let us show you how easy and affordable it is to take fun up to the next level. Pictured above: Our Ferrari Italia rental. read more

Free Event: Imagine Lifestyles & Gumball 3000 Hitting MetLife Stadium

Gumball 3000 events

Calling all New York exotic car fans! For the first time ever the Gumball 3000 will be bringing its rumbling Gumball Get Together event stateside. Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals is pleased to be pairing up with Gumball 3000 for this free event on Sunday, October 27th, 2013 from 8am-5pm at MetLife Stadium. Gumball 3000 events are not to be missed, especially when this one is so close to home!

Clear your calendars for October 27th and spend the day drooling over exotic cars and automobiles from many eras. For just a couple of hundred USD, you can sign up to drive an Imagine Lifestyles supercar around a road course during the event!  read more

Lexus LFA to Make Supercar Cross-Country Trip with Top Gear

Top Gear supercar roadtrip

What makes a road trip epic? Top Gear is taking 3 supercars on a cross-country road trip to test their endurance, functionality, power and other categories! Among the chosen lineup is the Lexus LFA supercar, which we at Imagine Lifestyles have driven and are quite fond of! This Top Gear supercar roadtrip will be followed by millions.

The Top Gear supercar roadtrip is crossing the country. The Lexus in the photo is yellow, which could indicate it is the LFA Tokyo Edition.

The cars
The chosen fleet for the Top Gear supercar road trip include the Lexus LFA, Aston Martin Vanquish and a 2013 SRT Viper. Who wants to wager Jeremy Clarkson drives the Aston Martin? My bet is that May will choose the LFA. read more

Toyota Trumps Audi at Le Mans 24-Hour Race

Le Mans 24-Hour race

Audi fans felt their hearts decelerate at this year’s Le Mans 24-Hour race when the #7 Toyota trumped the #1 Audi by 223 seconds. The Toyota TS030 hybrid and the Audi R 18 e-tron Quattro were battling for the title during the grueling endurance race, but Audi simply could not overcome a collision penalty. Remember this Le Mans Ferrari crash?

Just 223 seconds separated the hybrid race cars, Audi and Toyota, but that can mean worlds in endurance racing!

The cars and drivers:

Toyota TS030 hybrid
Driven by: Nicolas Lapierre, Alex Wurz and Kazuki Nakajima read more

How to Obliterate a World Record: Just Add 1000 Ferrari Supercars (Video)

England was recently overtaken by a seemingly endless stampede of Prancing Horses, courtesy of the fine folks at Ferrari! The luxury event occurred at Silverstone racetrack–where 964 Ferrari owners effectively obliterated the previous World record for the largest single gathering of Ferrari supercars. The previous record of the stabled horses stood at 490 cars at Japan’s Fuji Speedway circuit in 2008. That trumped the 385 record Ferrari parade in 2007. Fix your eyes on nearly 1000 Ferrari supercars in the same place at the same time…video at bottom of post! read more