Attention Boston: We Are Bringing the Supercars Back!

Imagine Lifestyles is gearing up for our next track event, which will be hosted at Gillette Stadium in Boston on September 13th-16th, 27th, 28th & 30th 2012. Our last trip to Boston was a huge success, so we are coming back to deliver the only known cure for that insatiable need for speed: Ferrari and Lamborghini and the winding open space to use them! It could be you gripping the wheel and flying over the pavement…it is your call!
This is another opportunity to take a thoroughbred supercar up to speed on the track and experience the power and true capacity of the car! While renting an exotic car is always amazing, this is a day of high-speed acceleration and professional driving instruction—things that one cannot simply do on the regulated streets. The potholes and speed limits on the roads today make any car feel more like a conestoga wagon on square wheels…consider this an adult road recess of epic proportions. Act Fast! Spots for these track events fill up almost instantly, so make your reservation right now and prepare for 3 of the fastest laps of your life while gripping the wheel of the best Ferrari and Lamborghini have to offer! The details: 
• The event dates are September 13th-16th, 27th, 28th & 30th 2012 • Drivers may reserve a spot–so beat the traffic to secure your spot! The cars: 
• Lamborghini (the likes of the Gallardo LP640 roadster) 
• Ferrari (the likes of the California, Italia and F430) The fine print:
 • Dates, times, and cars subject to availability 
• Must be 21 or older to drive 
• Must be 13 or older to ride-along 
• 6’4″ height max, 325lb weight max 
• Must sign waiver 
• Auto-Cross track insurance required 
• Credit card required at booking 
• Valid driver’s license required at the event Ferrari sweeps the track like fire! Coming soon: the new Lamborghini Aventador
If you are unable to attend this round, we will be hitting up Seattle soon! Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals

1960 Ferrari California Price Drops Jaws at Pebble Beach

There is no place like Pebble Beach, California during the annual auto show! It seems no price is too high to pay for a rare exotic car this year, with several changing hands in jaw-dropping deals. Case in point: A 1960 Ferrari California just sold for a record $11,275,000 USD!

Ferrari 250 California Spider Competizione

It was a Ferrari 250 California Spider Competizione, an extremely rare breed of racecar that may have overshadowed the debut of the 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta! The 250 California is one of just 9 alloy-bodied Prancing Horses in existence, created for competition and standing the test of time. read more

Mercedes-Benz Wins Best of Show at Pebble Beach

The star of Pebble Beach 2012 was Mercedes Benz, rolling home with the coveted Best of Show award thanks to a very special 1928 Saoutchik S Type. This car was created by French coachbuilder Jacques Saoutchik, featuring a low windscreen and torpedo like body...the first lowrider?

Mercedes at Pebble Beach

The historic Mercedes S Type proved to be a showstopper and stealer

Rare Collection of Maseratis Invade Goodwood Revival Sale!

Bonhams has announced the upcoming sale of a special collection of Maserati cars for the Goodwood Revival Sale. There are four cars in total, of which some have not seen the market in maybe 6 decades! The collection currently belongs to the Hartley family and is expected to fetch a handsome price during the September 15th auto auction.

Hartley Maserati collection

Rare cars fetch a high price at auction

Porsche 918 Spyder Crashes Private Party

It is quite common to bring a bottle of wine or perhaps some quality cheese to a shindig, so imagine the delight of partygoers when Porsche rolled out their party favor: a 918 Spyder concept! During a very private soiree at Canoe Studios in New York, the company unveiled the 918 RSR Spyder concept to an elite list of guests! Perhaps this little pretty will be joining our fleet of Porsche convertible rentals?

Porsche 918 concept

Porsche crashes party

Watch a Lamborghini Collide with a Shelby GT500 During a Race

The following video clip shows how challenging it can be to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo…even with 4-wheel drive! Watch as the silver Gallardo smashes into the red Shelby GT500 during a racing event in Medellin, Colombia! Just after the white Audi R8 passes, the action ensues!

Listen to the bystanders laugh audibly at this auto disaster! It is no secret that an exotic car wreck doubles as entertainment in any culture. 

Drive a Supercar in Seattle This October for Under $200 USD!

Attention auto fans--if you are going to be in the Seattle area this October, reserve your slot to take 3 accelerated laps around the track in a hypercar! Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals is hosting another action-packed day of ultimate driving experiences in Seattle, giving our friends the opportunity to drive the latest from the top brands.
The latest from Ferrari, Lamborghini and more will be poised on the track and ready for action. If you have never felt the adrenaline from behind the wheel of a true exotic sports car, now is your chance!
Supercar driving experience in Seattle
Testimonials from previous driving events have hinted that the low pricing is nearly as unbelievable as the vehicles in attendance! Money is no longer a road block to your supercar dreams!

Drive a Supercar at Miami’s Homestead Speedway!

If you have not attended an Imagine Lifestyles ultimate driving experience yet, you are truly missing out! We are gearing up for our next event at Homestead Speedway in Miami, and hope to see you there! This is how you and your friends can grip the wheel of a Ferrari or Lamborghini and get a feel for gravity at its finest during 2 full laps around the road course--all for a price that will make you think we have lost our marbles.

Luxury Driving Experience Homestead
2 laps in Ferrari or Lamborghini for under $200? No longer a pipe dream!

Lap the Autocross in a Ferrari or Lamborghini this August! Baltimore/DC Area Driving Experience

If you are going to be in the Baltimore/DC area (or need an excuse to be) next month, join your friends at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals for 3 mean laps in a Ferrari or Lamborghini supercar!

Supercar Driving Experience

Forget a day at the spa—an exotic supercar is far more energizing!

The Texas Motor Speedway Track Event is Just 2 Weeks Away—Have You Signed Up?

Your chance to rip it up in a supercar at Texas Motor Speedway is less than 2 weeks away! If you haven’t already, contact Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals today to secure your spot in the lineup. Our luxury driving events are notorious for exhilaration and shockingly low prices…where else can you nab 3 laps in a Ferrari, Lamborghini and more for under $200 USD? You can’t.

Supercar Track Experiences

For less than you would pay for a nice night out, you can experience a true supercar! (Just imagine the Facebook photos).