Video: 155 MPH Electric Lamborghini Superbus Seats 23

The word sheikh is synonymous with excess, like this 23-passenger Lamborghini-ish superbus. Unlike previous expensive endeavors, however, the intentions behind this project are far-reaching and admirable! This electric luxury bus can reduce emissions and congestion by shuttling people seamlessly around the city! And I assumed it was an extravagant personal vehicle based on previous sheikh behaviors…shame on me! (Video is at bottom of post).


The catepillar-like superbus

Top 5 Strange Places to Stay! Just Pack Your Imagination

Luxury Travel Tips

Luxury Travel Tips

Living the true luxury lifestyle also includes travel, but if you have grown tired of the typical trips to Europe, Bora Bora or Hawaii, tune up your inner trendsetter with these 5 unique places you can visit that will leave all of your friends with a pale twinge of jealousy! Here are five luxury travel tips to share!

What Are India’s Super Rich Buying?

India is saturated with millionaires.  Newly wealthy Indians are creating a luxury car market boom, enticing many luxury car companies to open operations there.  Aside from luxury cars, what items are India’s super rich buying these days?

India luxury market

In a study conducted by Kotak Wealth Management, the newly wealthy folks in India are buying customized holiday packages, luxury watches, diamonds and jewels and home electronics (smartphones and high-end cameras)…in that order.  I assume that Indians also splurge on exotic car rentals while on holiday, especially in destinations like Miami and South Beach!

The World’s Most Expensive Airline Ticket: $100,380

Julian Hayward on First Airbus A380 Flight

Julian Hayward on First Airbus A380 Flight

Some people just have a thing for owning bragging rights, and those rights can be quite pricey.  Australian Julian Hayward was such a fan of the Airbus A380 that he dropped a sky-high $100,380.00 USD (note the 380 in the price) to be the first passenger to purchase an Airbus ticket back in 2007.  This is a lofty price even for our most expensive items collection!  To get a feel for just how ginormous this plane is, see video of  Airbus A380 hits Comair commercial flight!

Exotic Car & Aircraft Video: ‘Angle of Attack’ Showcased Luxury While Benefiting Animal Shelters

It is always cool when extreme aircraft and exotic cars collide, like today in Washington at the ‘Angle of Attack’ show!  Held at the Museum of Flight, Angle of Attack is an aerodynamic kinship between exotic cars and aircraft that also benefits area animal shelters, a win-win event of epic proportions!  Many of the cars on display at this event are available to you in any of our exotic rental car fleets nationwide.

I Am an Airbus, Bitch. Airbus Clips Comair Flight Video

Airbus takeoff

Airbus on runway

In what could have been a tragedy, an Air France Airbus A380-800 (F-HPJD) Clipped a Comair Bombardier operating as a Delta connection flight as while preparing for departure from JFK.  The Air France Airbus A380 was carrying 520 passengers when it collided with the Bombardier CRJ701ER, moving it the *%&$ out of its way…no injuries were reported, just delays.  The passengers on that flight likely wish they had opted for a private jet charter with a New York exotic rental car waiting for them at the hangar.

Drive Exotic Cars 200 MPH in the Mojave and Play Fighter Pilot

Love exotic cars?  Want to play fighter pilot for a day?  Love the Mojave Desert?  While the later may be a bit quirky, you can now merge these fantasies in a 3-day all-out supercar meets open space extravaganza!  The event, hosted by Bluefish, is called ‘Supercars in the Mojave’  (original).

The event is to take place March 22nd, 2010, so if this is something you can’t miss, you better catapult your ass out of your chair and make the call.  If you miss it, do not cry like a...sad person, just call us and reserve one of our fast and furious exotic rental cars Miami or from our Los Angeles exotic rental cars instead...and some track time.

Mojave Desert Racing

The 3-day adrenaline rush includes the following:

5 Great Reasons To Rent From Imagine Lifestyles

Top 5 Reasons To Rent An Exotic Car In Chicago

The questions that we hear all the time and will continue to get; Why not just get a rental car from the airport?  I have a million reasons why, but for the purpose of the following article let’s focus on the top five events an exotic or luxury car rental is the way to go.  The following 5 are just a few of the many, but this should give you an idea as to why Hertz and Budget are not always the answer. 

1.    Wedding
2.    Prom
3.    Road Trip
4.    Date Night
5.    Business Use

1. Wedding – So some people dream about this day from the minute they are old enough to understand just how special it can be.  A Rolls Royce Phantom rental car would probably make the day a little more special than Mom’s mini-van as you leave the church.

Rolls Royce Phantom

Who Is Ready To Fly?

It’s A Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Jetlev

Here at the Chicago branch of Imagine Lifestyles, we usually refer to flying as getting behind the wheel of one of our exotic sports car rentals and cruising down Lake Shore Drive 10-15 mph over the speed limit.  However, after a recent discovery, we hope to soon be actually flying over Lake Michigan.  Unfortunately, we are not purchasing any new luxury charter planes or helicopters but we are hoping to get our hands on a Jetlev as soon as possible. 


400 People Volunteer for One-Way Trip to Mars

Colonizing Mars

This is right up there with scientology and the new Ferrari FF hatchback on the weird scale.  It seems that some space fans have volunteered for a likely one-way trip to Mars…without ever being asked.  Within a month of reading “The Human Mission to Mars:  Colonizing the Red Planet”, approximately 400 people have written the editors to volunteer for such a trip.  I guess a space shuttle could be more exotic than even a Lamborghini rental Miami style, but the fear factor is pretty intimidating.