Aston Martin Drops Lawsuit Against Fisker Thunderbolt Project

On the heels of Aston Martin bowing down to Porsche’s lawsuit against the usage of the GT3 label, Aston Martin has shown mercy to Fisker. Fisker has agreed to cancel their Thunderbolt Project, a Vanquish-based prototype that led to a bit of pre-litigation. The parties have amicably resolved the issue, which is certainly rare in cases of this nature. Aston Martin found designer Henrik Fisker’s Thunderbolt Project to be a copyright violation when the concept was previewed at the Concours d’Elegance recently in Florida. read more

Porsche Objects to Aston Martin GT3 Name–Legally

Aston Martin GT3

It is a challenging business to name a vehicle, as Aston Martin and many others have learned the hard way over the years. Porsche has taken a legal stand against Aston Martin due to the name of their recent offering, the Aston Martin GT3. Porsche is arguing that the GT3 label belongs to them and that Aston Martin has no rights to tack it onto their Vantage. The confusion continues because the FIA GT3 racing category has existed for years.

Porsche took a legal stand against Aston Martin for using the GT3 nameplate.  read more

Aston Martin Picking Up More Ladies? Not a Bad Goal

Aston Martin sales

Exotic sports cars and supercars are strongly associated with male drivers. There are a plethora of jokes on the matter, including the overused ‘Middle age crisis car’, among others. It seems that the Aston Martin sales teams are angling for a new approach, appealing to women drivers with their latest offerings and marketing strategies. Aside from trying to pick up more ladies, the brand is targeting a younger demographic as well.

Aston Martin is changing their game by picking up more ladies and appealing to a younger crowd.  read more

The Aston Martin Vulcan Requires Special Training to Operate

Aston Martin Vulcan

The Aston Martin Vulcan is the latest high-performance offering from the badge with a $2.3 million dollar asking price and a rather exclusive production run of just 24 units. The new member of the fleet has not only a prestigious family behind it, but also a special driver training course commencing in 2016 to teach owners to operate the Vulcan properly and to her highest abilities.

The Aston Martin Vulcan looks every inch the racer (Photo: Aston Martin).

The Aston Martin Vulcan owners will be offered the opportunity to train with experienced racing drivers on some of the world’s most prestigious tracks in order to fully grasp how to properly drive, control and unleash the Vulcan’s abilities. Even thought the Vulcan’s multi-million dollar price bracket is much higher than her $200k-$400k siblings, it is unlikely that these elite training courses are included in the asking price. The courses are intended to “Support owners on their learning journey”, according to the brand, and there will also be simulation training offered for owners. So why the extra care in regards to driving this car when some of the other Aston Martin cars are quite powerful? read more

Aston Martin Is Not Going Cheap As of Yet

Aston Martin

There have been many rumors in circulation that Aston Martin could produce lower cost models and perhaps even an SUV offering. While the theories go back and forth, Aston Martin’s president in the Americas, Julian Jenkins, has stated that no such things are to occur at this intersection. That statement is rather vague, and does leave a sizable opening for future direction change and curiosities.

For the time being, anyhow, the Aston Martin badge will remain a status symbol for only elite and high-end exotic sports cars. There will not be a lower end Aston Martin offering, or perhaps not even an SUV in the near future. The approach of creating a lower cost option to reach new markets has worked successfully for other leading automakers in the past, such as Porsche with its Boxster. The Porsche 918 beast may boast an astronomical price tag, but a Boxster can be had for around $50,000. The Porsche Boxster has since been lovingly dubbed “The poor man’s Porsche”. It would certainly be humorous to find available the “Poor man’s Bond car”. It would be unlikely to catch 007 behind the wheel of a cheap Aston Martin, though it appears the brand has no intention of going cheap. read more

Awestruck: Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 Transformed Into Rally Car

Aston Martin rally car

High performance aftermarket tuning endeavors have churned out an agressive gas-guzzling gem: Behold the Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 rally car. Makela Auto Tuning of Finland is the brains behind the project.

Just an Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 completely morphed into a rally car, no big deal. 

The only thing that could make this cooler is if Ken Block blasted around an obstacle course in it with a Go Pro strapped onto his face. Makela completed the Aston Martin rally car project in time to race in the Arctic Lapland Rally event in the new R-GT class. The R-GT division was created just last year for 2-wheel drive production based GT cars–That is right, she is still RWD. Makela tuning has also built vintage rally Ferrari cars, racing style Porsches and more. read more

Aston Martin Development Center Joins MIRA Park

Aston Martin is preparing for the future with a shiny new prototype and new vehicle testing center. What better way to ensure that the future of the iconic brand will exceed expectations and deliver the very latest in technology? The Aston Martin development center is nestled in the amazing MIRA Technology Park in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, U.K. and will also provide testing for other automotive brands in the area like Land Rover, Jaguar, Pirelli, Michelin, Bosch and more for a total of around 30 transportation related companies. read more

Exotic Car Crashes:15-Year-Old Russian Goalie Buys & Wrecks Aston Martin

exotic car crashes

How much does a 15-year-old Russian goalie make? They make enough to pay cash for a shiny new Aston Martin, apparently. Young Konstantin P, a goalkeeper for the Zenith-94 team, purchased the exotic sports car and then crashed it just three days later in an accident involving a Volkswagen Tiguan. Exotic car crashes sometimes have fascinating back stories.

The aftermath of the Aston Martin crash: That most definitely will not buff out.

The clincher of this exotic car crash saga is that Konstantin did not have a…you know…driver’s license. While all parties involved are ok, the story is simply outlandish because of the capacity for such a young athlete to afford such extravagances and the fact that it was permitted to proceed unobstructed when he is not even legally allowed to drive. I know what you are thinking: Well, it is Russia. read more

Aston Martin Vanquish 60th Anniversary Limited Edition to be Painfully Rare

Aston Martin Vanquish 60th

It would appear that Aston Martin has taken a marketing cue from the brains at Bugatti. Much like the Bugatti Legends Series set of cars, the Aston Martin Vanquish 60th Anniversary model is a limited edition that will be made in 6 different ways, with each a one-off. The first has been revealed, and she is certainly a fine specimen!

Just six special edition Aston Martin Vanquish Anniversary Edition cars will be made, and each will be unique. 

The Aston Martin 60th Anniversary Vanquish is to commemorate the anniversary of the Newport Pagnell factory in Milton Keynes, where dream machines have emerged for six decades. The special six Vanquish Anniversary cars will each be different, though those differences will be subtle. The genius behind this approach is that each of the six will reflect the decade it represents—meaning there is a car for each decade, which is pretty clever. Let’s get a closer look at the first installment of the collection and which models are to follow: read more

Aston Martin and Lamborghini SUV Offerings?

Aston Martin and Lamborghini SUV

If it is to be believed, there may be an Aston Martin SUV and the Lamborghini SUV could be a hybrid. There are rumors circulating that Aston Martin is busy raising funds to begin the tedious and often lengthy vehicle concepting phase, and Lamborghini’s Urus may challenge the hybrid sector.

Is a model range expansion in Aston Martin’s future? Aston Martin and Lamborghini SUV offerings that could become a reality. Is the world ready for more upscale brands to compete in the luxury SUV arena? read more