Fisker Continues Spreading Green Karma—Meet the Electric Atlantic Luxury Sedan!

The futuristic frontrunners at Fisker have done it again—creating yet another fabulous luxury hybrid car! The Fisker Atlantic concept made its official debut at the New York Auto Show, though it is rumored that the prototype should be quite close to the finished product (should it reach production--as Fisker is adamant that it will!).This puts an end to the anticipation of Project Ninja (follow link for full details!).

Fisker Atlantic

The Atlantic does resemble the sleek lines of the Karma

Fisker Karma: A Battery Powered Market Predator

They are suddenly everywhere, whether you are a fan or not—battery powered vehicles, electric and luxury hybrid vehicles. If you find them to be a bit confusing at this phase, you are not alone! Here is a brief overview of how the latest luxury plug-in, the Fisker Karma, operates and generates power.

Fisker Karma

Fisker Karma

Invisible Mercedes Baffles and Beckons Onlookers

Mercedes is making luxury hybrid competition green with envy with its fascinating new futuristic F-Cell ad. The F-Cell is a hydrogen fueled Mercedes--watch as the car disappears to tout the brand’s new zero-emissions approach to the hybrid market!

The F-Cell generates electric power while producing little more than pure water and thus zero emissions. It is a 2.0-liter petrol car with a 100-kW/136 horsepower electric motor…not exactly heavy artillery in the awesome power department, but good for the environment as a daily driver.

BMW Delivers the First ActiveE Stateside

BMW is known for superior engineering, and that includes pushing the pedal down toward the creation of luxury hybrid cars. The brand has just delivered its first ActiveE electric baby in the United States, setting the tone for a greener future. When it comes to hybrid technology, it seems that people either embrace it or reject it faster than Snookie can manage to intoxicate and embarrass herself in a bar. Either way, the technology is advancing and likely here to stay.

BMW ActiveE

BMW ActiveE

Introducing the 2012 Jaguar XKR-S Coupe and Jaguar C-X16

Recently, our friends at Jaguar dropped us an email to spread the excitement for the latest two members of their luxury car lineup: the XKR-S coupe and the C-X16 hybrid. See videos below!

 2012 Jaguar XKR-S Coupe and Jaguar C-X16

Will one of these cars soon become a member of our exotic rental car fleet? Comment below with your vote!

Acura’s First-Ever Super Bowl Commercial is Hilarious!

Acura hit a homerun, or should I say touchdown, with the new NSX luxury car concept (following a lengthy lull in production, might I add). The brand nailed it once again with their first-ever Super Bowl ad featuring celebrity car collectors Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno, see full commercial below!

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Ferrari Fueled by E85 Unleashes 875 Prancing Horses!

A forward-thinking Ferrari aficionado has gone a bit green, not with a paint job, but with an E85-fueled Ferrari FF hatchback. The Ferrari FF was reportedly converted by a Norwegian aftermarket developer and boosts the usual 650 prancing horses up to an impressive 875! No word on if Ferrari approves of this mad science, or if the FF will now stand for ‘Flex Fuel’. End sarcasm.

Ferrari FF fueled by E85

Ferrari FF fueled by E85