5 South Beach Must-Try Restaurants

There are a plethora of dining options in Miami’s South Beach, offering international options and various levels of sophistication.  Some restaurants are low key and you may simply stroll up to from the beach, and some beg for a bit more luxurious finesse, such as an exotic sports car rental Miami ...and actual clothing over your bikini...unless you happen to be Courtney Love.

These 5 South Beach restaurants can be dressed-up or casual, but know that Miami casual maintains a different definition than other parts of the country!  Miami casual is what some consider business casual, yet sexier items are acceptable for all occasions.

5.  The Café @ Books & Books
4.  AltaMare
3.  Sardinia Ristorante
2.  Macaluso’s Italian Cuisine
1.  The Royal @ the Raleigh Hotel

Black bean hummus sandwich at Books & Books Sobe

Black bean hummus sandwich at Books & Books Sobe

Cadillac Unveils Luxury Dealership Design Plans

Cadillac has announced plans to revamp some dealership locations as part of a strategy to improve customer service and luxury standards.  So far, more than 200 dealers have committed to the makeovers over the next two years! 

Cadillac Dealership Makeovers

Cadillac Dealership Makeovers, Coffee Bar

Cadillac can certainly afford to undergo such an undertaking, with the huge success of units like the Escalade.  Not ready to buy?  Just stop by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals Miami headquarters and slip behind the wheel of an Escalade rental Miami!  Complete with a fun Escalade golf cart, there is no pressure to purchase when you stop in!

Pricier than an Exotic Car Rental: The Top Ten Most Expensive Foods on Earth

The following culinary creations wield price tags worthy of a luxury car rental or ownership of an exotic vehicle!  While many of these items do sound delicious, keep in mind that the brief interval spent with them is not likely to linger like the thrill of an exotic car rental!   

Here are the top 10 most expensive foods, in ascending order:

1.  Matsutake Mushrooms--$1000 per pound due to rarity

Matsutake Mushrooms

Matsutake Mushrooms

5 Great Reasons To Rent From Imagine Lifestyles

Top 5 Reasons To Rent An Exotic Car In Chicago

The questions that we hear all the time and will continue to get; Why not just get a rental car from the airport?  I have a million reasons why, but for the purpose of the following article let’s focus on the top five events an exotic or luxury car rental is the way to go.  The following 5 are just a few of the many, but this should give you an idea as to why Hertz and Budget are not always the answer. 

1.    Wedding
2.    Prom
3.    Road Trip
4.    Date Night
5.    Business Use

1. Wedding – So some people dream about this day from the minute they are old enough to understand just how special it can be.  A Rolls Royce Phantom rental car would probably make the day a little more special than Mom’s mini-van as you leave the church.

Rolls Royce Phantom

Top 5 Disney Musts if you are Used to Luxury

Traveling to the Magic Kingdom?  Here are some travel tips if you are going to Disney!

1.  Indulge in an exotic SUV rental to travel from park to park  Nothing trumps a sweet and roomy Range Rover rental Florida or Escalade rental Florida to relax between parks.  Disney is very big and it can wear you out, know that it can take up to 20 minutes to travel between parks.  A spacious luxury SUV rental can really help you recoup between excursions! 

Luxury SUV rental Florida

Also, Hire a limo service for the nighttime.  If you would like to park hop or go to Epcot for dinner each evening, a limo or chauffeured car service is the way to go.  You will already tired from a full day of walking around the park, so why not use a car service to save your energy for the parks?

Ask Imagine: Golf Trip Anyone?

Dear Imagine Lifestyles (Chicago Branch),

I am heading to Myrtle Beach next week and am looking for a large luxury SUV rental that would allow for comfortable seating for 4 men and luggage.  Do you guys carry any vehicles that could accommodate this?

Thank You,

Deerfield, IL

Myrtle Beach Golf

Dear Rick,

The Chicago Branch of Imagine Lifestyles has a great selection of large luxury SUV rentals that would be perfect for your trip.  I would personally recommend our Chicago Cadillac Escalade ESV Rental for your trip.  The ESV has everything that an Escalade provides but also includes an extra 20 inches in the back for more storage.  You can easily seat 7 in this vehicle so 4 people will not be a problem at all.  You could even take out a row of seats to provide more room in the back for the people who called shotgun too late. 

Cadillac is one of the finest automakers in the world and the Escalade has been an incredibly popular car for them.  We are proud to offer the Escalade ESV within our line of Chicago luxury SUV rentals.  If you would like to consider some other options, check out our entire line of  luxury rental cars.  However, for your trip next week, the Cadillac Escalade ESV luxury SUV is the perfect vehicle.  Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other questions.

2011 A Record Year For Luxury Car Sales?

Is The Luxury Car Market Back?

The last few years have been nothing to sing about for luxury-car markers as the economy slowly ate away at their sales figures and demand.  2011 has barely begun and luxury automakers all have smiles on their faces when they read the sales forecasts for this year.  Luxury-car makers are gearing up for record sales figures both in the first quarter of 2011 and the year as a whole. We wonder if the luxury rental car market also has seen a record year.

Lamborghini Dealership

Paris, France Via Chicago

Visit Paris, on Hubbard Street in Chicago

There may not be an Eiffel Tower anywhere near, but the Melman Brothers latest foray into cuisine in Chicago might make some feel as if they are very close.  The boys from Hub 51 are back at it again and this time are taking a little different approach with the menu, while keeping the ambience of the joint modern and upbeat.  Just because the menu screams of French influence doesn’t mean there won’t be a DJ spinning on the weekends nearby your table. Add a few Chicago luxury car rentals out front and you will feel like you hit the perfect mix of clubs, cuisine and cars.

Paris France

New Soho House in South Beach: More Sophisticated, Less Snookie

Soho House South Beach Sex and the City

Nestled among the short skirts, bikinis and ample cleavage of Miami is a rare display of old-world charm and sophistication-it is the Soho House in South Beach. Soho Sobe offers a welcome escape from cheesy clubs where there may be an unwelcome Snookie sighting, and offers an exquisite upscale escape from it all! 

So secure that exotic rental car Miami and book your reservation for this luxury hotel now, because guests of the Soho House feel as if they are staying at an exclusive club, featuring just 50 rooms designed by Martin Brudnizki.